War against Ukraine: missile attacks on several cities

Status: 03/27/2022 11:51

The Russian army is said to have destroyed a fuel depot near the Ukrainian city of Lviv with rockets. A nuclear research facility near Kharkiv has been targeted. Moscow and Kiev have agreed on additional escape corridors for today.

According to the Moscow Ministry of Defense, Russia has attacked military targets in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine with cruise missiles. They were used to hit a city facility that repaired anti-aircraft systems, radar stations and tank sights, a statement read.

“The armed forces of the Russian Federation continue offensive actions in the framework of the special military operation,” said the ministry, referring to the Russian official name of the invasion. Russia used long-range sea-launched missiles to destroy an arsenal of S-300 missiles and BUK anti-aircraft missile systems near Kiev, he said. Russian forces also destroyed a number of drones.

Fuel depot destroyed

Also, on Saturday, a tank farm in Lviv used by the Ukrainian military was attacked with long-range missiles and destroyed. The Ukrainian army in the west of the country and near Kiev has been refueled from the fuel depot, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said. According to Ukrainian sources, at least five people were injured.

After the Russian attacks, a man was arrested in Lviv on suspicion of spying. The suspect filmed a missile headed for his target and hit it, region governor Maxym Kosytskyj said. In addition, the police discovered the photos on the mobile phones of the checkpoints that had been sent to two Russian telephone numbers.

The research reactor in Kharkiv is under fire again

According to Ukrainian sources, a nuclear research facility in Kharkiv has again come under Russian fire. The damage caused to the physical-technical institute on Saturday cannot be investigated at the moment due to the fighting, the state nuclear inspection said.

According to the information, the institute has a test facility with a neutron source for research purposes and for the production of radioisotopes for industry and medicine. According to Ukrainian information, it was damaged in a bombing almost two weeks ago and interrupted by the power supply. The International Atomic Energy Agency said the facility contained only small amounts of radioactive material that was not highly enriched. This reduces the risk of radiation being released in the event of damage.

parties to the conflict as a source

In the current situation, information on the course of the war, bombing and casualties provided by the official bodies of the Russian and Ukrainian parties to the conflict cannot be controlled directly by an independent body.

Slavutych probably under Russian control

According to Ukrainian sources, the Russian army also took control of the town of Slavutych, where the personnel of the nuclear ruins of Chernobyl lived. As reported on Telegram by the military administration of the Kiev region, Russian soldiers entered the city, occupied the city hospital and briefly arrested the mayor. Hours later, Mayor Yuri Fomichev was released. In the evening he reported the death of three people.

To protest the occupation, the inhabitants of Slavutych took to the streets and marched to the hospital with a huge Ukrainian flag, regional authorities announced. The military administration released images showing dozens of people gathering around a Ukrainian flag and chanting “Glory to Ukraine”. The Russian army fired warning shots and threw stun grenades at the demonstrators.

Protesters in Slavutych.

Image: via REUTERS

Great Britain: Russia wants to encircle troops to the east

The Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff said Russia continued its “full-scale armed aggression”. However, Ukrainian forces repelled seven attacks in the eastern Donetsk and Luhansk regions. They destroyed several tanks and armored vehicles. Information about fighting in Ukraine cannot be independently verified.

According to the British Defense Ministry, Russian forces currently appear to be focused on encircling Ukrainian troops directly opposing the breakaway regions in the east of the country. They advanced from Kharkiv in the north and Mariupol in the south, the ministry said on the basis of intelligence information. “The battlefield in northern Ukraine remains largely static,” he said. Local Ukrainian counterattacks thwarted Russia’s attempts to reorganize its forces.

However, Russian forces continued to fire at targets across Ukraine. They depend on the missiles they can fire from Russian territory because Ukrainian air defense continues to target Russian warplanes. However, Russia’s supply of missiles is limited, so invaders have to resort to less accurate missiles or take greater risks to their air force.

Selenskyi calls for further arms deliveries

According to Ukrainian information, Ukraine and Russia have agreed for today two escape corridors to evacuate civilians from the front areas. This also means that people with private cars can leave the particularly hard-fought southeastern port of Mariupol, says Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Wereschuk. Mariupol was surrounded by Russian units and was subjected to heavy shelling for weeks. Ukraine and Russia have repeatedly accused each other of preventing the creation of escape corridors for civilians.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has again called on the international community to provide heavy weapons, including fighter jets and tanks. “More weapons are needed to protect not only Ukraine but also other Eastern European countries that Russia has threatened to invade,” he appealed overnight. This was made clear once again during the meeting with US representatives in Poland on Saturday.

Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said after a meeting with US President Joe Biden in Poland that the US “has no objection” to Poland supplying fighter jets to Ukraine. “The ball is now in Poland’s court,” Kuleba said.

Ukraine – Lviv air raid with reactions

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