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The Nymphenburg summer residence was illuminated for the magnificent wedding of Crown Prince Karl Albrecht and Archduchess Maria Amalia 300 years ago. © JH

Kick-off for Bavarian Riddle 2022: The first question in this year’s competition is about a catastrophe that destroyed the apartment of Bavarian art-loving voter Max Emanuel in Munich.

Munich – “Detailed account of the magnificent celebrations and public testimonies of joy that were held both at the court of the city of Munich and at the princes of Chur. Hunting and pleasure castles due to the high marriage of the Chur-Printzen with Bavaria, Caroli Alberti, with the translucent archduchess Maria Amalia, and can be seen together with an accurate description of what happened in the aforementioned Chur-Prince. Strange things to look at and notice in hunts and pleasure castles.

The title of the marriage affair, which takes up almost a whole page, leaves hardly any doubts about its content to interested readers: in 1723, a year after the festive events in and around Munich, it appeared in a German translation decorated in the Baroque style.

A few months earlier, the electoral confessor Pierre de Bretagne had published the draft in French, the international lingua franca of European diplomacy. It is no coincidence that the written tradition, with its linguistic pomp and rhetorical superabundance, imitates the magnificent abundance of court party culture.

Karl Albrecht as emperor, a portrait from the workshop of the painter George Desmarées.  It hangs in the Nymphenburg Palace.
Karl Albrecht as emperor, a portrait from the workshop of the painter George Desmarées. It hangs in the Nymphenburg Palace. © Schwenk / Irma Mayr / Bavarian palace administration

The renewed bond of the empire’s most powerful Catholic dynasties, the Bavarian Wittelsbacher and the Austrian Archhaus Habsburg, should have an indelible memory.

After Bavarian elector Max Emanuel opposed the Habsburgs in the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-14) and paid for it with the temporary loss of his electoral dignity and years of exile, the glamorous wedding celebrations now marked a new start. noticed and the return of Bavaria to the international scene.

The marriage of Max Emanuel’s son, Crown Prince Karl Albrecht, to Archduchess Maria Amalia, the youngest daughter of the late Emperor Joseph I and grandson of the reigning head of the empire, Charles VI, was the first success of this political renaissance of power. The nearly three-week celebrations were purposefully used to demonstrate the splendor and cultural power of the Munich court to the diplomats who arrived. Here there was a claim to influence, based on seemingly inexhaustible material resources, which the Kurstaat, exhausted by years of war and forced administration, in reality did not have at its disposal.

In view of this “great performance” Max Emanuel had made great efforts. In a few years he had the residence and the recreational and hunting houses around Monaco converted and enlarged, enlarged, modernized and decorated, according to the most recent taste inspired by French models. “Munich should shine” as early as 1722!

Maria Amalia, wife of the elector Karl Albrecht, later Emperor Charles VII, in a painting in the workshop of George Desmarées.
Maria Amalia, wife of the elector Karl Albrecht, later Emperor Charles VII, in a painting in the workshop of George Desmarées. © Rainer Maria Scherf / Schlosserverwaltung

Bringing this splendor to the world is the second intention of the festival’s historic reportage. Much of this is a detailed description of Bavarian electoral castles and their magnificent furnishings for an audience that would probably never have the opportunity to see the luxury staged with so much commitment and political hope for themselves.

The “Detailed Report” from 1723, which has been preserved in the Bavarian State Library, but also in numerous regional libraries and even in some well-stocked antiquarian libraries, still proves to be a central source today. It provides information on the previous furnishings of the residence, the palaces of Dachau and Schleissheim, the summer residence of Nymphenburg and the nearby castles in the park.

All these famous places are now managed by the Bavarian palace administration.

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41. Bayern Riddle: The first question

The decor of his apartment in the modern-style Régence Monaco Residence is considered to be the latest major furniture project by art and luxury lover Max Emanuel. However, shortly after his death, a fire destroyed the magnificent lodgings that are now the “rooms of the rich”.
In what year did this arsonist disaster occur?

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