Krefeld is expanding the all-day event

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Krefeld is expanding the all-day event

The city is creating 17 additional groups. State funds are now being requested. Because schools need to be increased in terms of space and staff for the additional offer. In particular, the refectories and kitchens are expanded.

(RP) In its most recent joint meeting with the Youth Welfare Committee, the Committee on Schools and Higher Education decided to further expand the All Day Program (OGS) at primary schools in Krefeld. For the new school year 2022/2023, another 17 groups will be created and more childcare places will be created in 18 schools in Krefeld. The city of Krefeld now wants to apply for the appropriate state funds for this purpose.

Elementary schools will then each receive a new OGS group Grotenburg school, Johansen school, Marian school, School for Scholl brothers and the mosaic school in both locations. Two other OGS groups are each in the linden school and in the provisional construction of Jahn school setting up. the rainbow school receives an additional one and a half group and nine more elementary schools will receive an increase in the OGS area of ​​half a group. A group will be set up between schools for the allocation based on the needs of individual places in case of backlog of enrollments.

As part of the planning of the expansion, a total of 375 additional places must be set up each year (corresponding to 15 groups of 25 places each and special schools with 12 places each). Since only 13 new groups could be set up in the 2021/22 school year, two more groups will be set up for the new 2022/2023 school year, for a total of 17 groups. As for future planning, the administration points out that the expansion of the all-day event will increasingly involve an expansion of the space.

“This applies on the one hand to schools for which expansion interventions are already planned as part of the School Development Plan, but which have not yet been implemented. On the other hand, schools also need to be structurally modified, the areas of which are substantially adequate, but which need to be converted to meet the growing space requirements of kitchens and canteens in particular, “explains Jürgen Maas, head of the school department.

The building interventions to be implemented will require significant additional financial resources, which are not yet available and cannot be found without adequate state subsidies. Municipalities are urgently awaiting corresponding funding commitments, says Maas.

“Against the backdrop of the numerous building needs for Krefeld’s schools and other municipal building measures, it can also be assumed that municipal human resources will need to be further increased to implement the additional construction, conversion and equipment measures resulting from the all-day expansion. “explains Maas.

Hiring skilled workers for round-the-clock operation is becoming a growing challenge due to the general shortage of skilled workers, but especially given the fact that all-day hours usually only have jobs available part-time at a lower price popular working hours in the afternoons. However, all the planned groups have so far been created. To ensure this in the future, measures such as a corresponding training offensive and making working conditions more attractive by creating full-time jobs are becoming increasingly important.

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