No school leaves empty-handed at the Dieter Schwarz Foundation’s 7th School Award

At this year’s Dieter Schwarz Foundation School Award Ceremony, which took place on Friday, March 25, 2022, at 3pm in the Heilbronn Education Campus Auditorium and online as a stream, eleven of a total of 61 schools received awards for the media concept they had presented in advance. The focus of the prize competition for schools was the theme “Challenges, opportunities and developments: the concept of media in a time of pandemic”.

Visible joy at the winning school in Bochum

Nine schools accepted the awards on site and other representatives from all eleven schools were connected live. To the praise of the five members of the jury, the award-winning poetic slammer Nik Salsflausen delighted the approximately 100 spectators of the hybrid event, moderated by Carmen Hentschel.

North Rhine-Westphalia, Baden-Württemberg and Schleswig-Holstein schools occupy the top three places

The first prize, worth 30,000 euros, went to the Schiller school in Bochum. “The educational media concept of this school had already undergone a very structured development in the years leading up to the pandemic,” said Silke Lohmiller, CEO of the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, in her laudatory speech in recognition of the high school’s contribution. “The school management itself describes the pandemic as a stress test for its media concept and the concept passed it.” With the prize money, the school intends to implement a new learning culture of hybrid and self-directed learning.

Second place went to the Maria Sibylla Merian School of Wiesloch. The concept of her impressed the jury with the evidence of relevant digital experiences and a team spirit of the school that allowed them to overcome the challenges in the days of Corona. “In a very short time, suitable conditions were created for all children to continue learning,” says Silke Lohmiller. The primary school received € 25,000 for the further development of the concept.

Schleswig’s Dannewerkschule ranked third and convinced with its media concept based on mutual support from both teachers and students. “A big advantage of this concept is the fact that teachers have their own digital devices which are used only for professional purposes,” says Tatjana Linke, CEO of the Academy for Innovative Education and Management Heilbronn-Franken non-profit GmbH. of the prize, which is endowed with 20,000 euros.

Draw: three schools take 5th place

Instead of assigning a fourth, fifth and sixth place, the jury made up of five members decided to assign the fifth place and therefore 10,000 euros each three times: according to Dr. habil. Wolfgang Hansch, managing director of experimenta, “to transform a visionary vision of teaching and school development into concrete projects.” Kirchzarten’s Zarduna School projects would combine “action orientation, professional preparation, acquisition and application of digital knowledge in an exemplary way.” The Nelson Mandela School in Berlin has a compelling hybrid concept that also focuses on self-organized learning .

Recognition motivates implementation

Also this year the jury awarded prizes worth 1000 euros each: “All schools of different types and with very different challenges let us share their experiences and are characterized by particularly successful and already successful concepts or give a vision of their projects “. , explains prof. Thomas Raith, Pedagogical

University of Freiburg. “The jury decided to honor this with recognition awards. With this he wants to encourage the schools that did not finish first in this round to continue working on their concepts and perhaps to be there again next time ”.

The awards went to the Carl Sonnenschein School in Iserlohn, the Kolping Technical School for Social Education in Stuttgart, the Freie Schule Wendland eV in Lüchow in Lower Saxony, Heepen High School in Heepen and the Quinoa School in Berlin.


School Award 2022: The pandemic in sight
This year’s competition was titled “Challenges, Opportunities and Developments: The Concept of Media in Times of a Pandemic” and therefore focused on the challenges of the Crown Bloc. A five-person jury evaluated the concepts as part of an online presentation in January 2022 according to standardized criteria and verified whether there was a productive and cooperative use of media in the sense of media education that activated pupils and whether the project was sustainable. .

About the Dieter Schwarz Foundation Scholastic Award
Since 2011 the Dieter Schwarz Foundation, in collaboration with the Academy for Innovative Education and Management (objective), has been awarding the Dieter Schwarz Foundation School Award for the best media concept. This comes with a total prize pool of € 100,000 and recognizes schools that provide a concept for the use of digital media in the educational context. The focus of the concepts should be the support of pupils as active and critical participants in a digital media society. The aim of the award is to encourage schools in their projects. The awards ceremony takes place every two years.
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