Old places: these 7 points no longer exist today!

Each city is unique in a very special way. This is due to the culture, the people, the food and above all the places that can be admired. The Eiffel Tower is an unmistakable part of Paris as is San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. However, there is also old landmarks, which no longer exist today and only photographs prove their existence. We present seven of them.

Old Landmarks: Crowd Attractors Around the World

In this article we want to tell you about old places that have not reached the present day. Of course, most of the other famous places are also relatively old. For example, the Pyramids of Giza from 2620 to 2500 BC, the Colosseum in Rome between 72 and 80 AD and Buckingham Palace as early as 1703.

Due to various circumstances – be it wars, weather phenomena or simple decay – not all sights are in their original condition, but they have been so far maintained and restoredthat we can still admire today.

Now we introduce you seven ancient landmarks who unfortunately weren’t so lucky and with whom a piece of world history went.

1. Statues of Buddha Bamiyan

An important sight, especially for Buddhism, was in Afghanistan until a few years ago. It consisted of statues of Buddha of various sizes set in a rock wall. The largest of the statues measured 53 meters.

Why are there so great symbols of Buddhism in Afghanistan, which is shaped by Islam? This was exactly what was fatal for the statues. The Bamiyan region has been Buddhist since the 2nd century AD. Only towards the end of the millennium was this region of Afghanistan also Islamized.

For this reason, the Statues attached repeatedly over time and damaged, especially in armed conflicts. The statues were completely destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. It took four days to understand the indescribable value of this Buddhist art threatens to destroy forever.

Today only a large hole is visible in the rock face of which the statue gives an idea. Photo: picassos from Getty Images via Canva

2. Crystal Palace, London

We all know Buckingham Palace in London, which inspires millions of people every year. However, this palace has not always been the only one in the capital of England. In 1851, a completely new magnificent work was built for the Universal Exposition: the Crystal Palace. The palace was to be a symbol of Britain’s power and greatness and was built in London’s Hyde Park in just 17 weeks.

Perhaps some errors crept in during this short construction period, because the palace was not supposed to last long. In 1936 the Crystal Palace was completely on fire and the remains were demolished five years later. Today only a few photos and paintings exist.

Old landmarks of Crystal Palace London
Only the images recall the existence of the Crystal Palace. Photo: ilbusca Getty Images Sign through Canva

On purpose: In 1887 a glass and iron palace was built in Madrid, modeled on the Crystal Palace in London. You can still visit it today and get an idea of ​​the original.

3. West Pier, Brighton

England has another ancient attraction that no longer exists today. Brighton is famous for its beach, pier and maritime atmosphere. However, not everything is in its original state today. The pier was built in 1866 and has received many tourists since then. Only about 100 years later the pier had to be closed due to instability. Then there was a devastating one Fire in 2003 and storm in 2004who eventually pulled the tooth out of the dock.

Despite all this, many people are still drawn to this place in Brighton to this day, as the charred and destroyed steel structure still stands, off Brighton and can be admired.

West Pier Brighton
Today the pier is no longer magnificent, but rather scary. Photo: Lemahnie Getty Images via Canva

4. Chacaltaya Glacier, Bolivia

Researchers have predicted for decades that the world will soon never be the same if we allow climate change to continue. Islands are engulfed and cities destroyed by floods. However, there are already examples how the climate change we are causing is destroying nature.

The Chacaltaya Glacier in Bolivia was once the highest ski area in the world. So you would think snow is guaranteed. However, there has not been a crumb of snow and ice left for about ten years. The glacier is now one barren steppe landscape. All that still resembles the former ski area is a ski lodge and a rusty ski lift.

Chacaltaya Glacier, Bolivia
The refuge is everything that resembles a ski area. Photo: Stefano Barzellotti of Getty Images via Canva

5. Azure Window, Malta

The Azure Window on Malta was the symbol of the small country. The natural rock formation, similar in several countries, has been the island’s tourist magnet par excellence. What was created several million (!!!) years ago and formed by various environmental influences, it completely collapsed during a storm in March 2017. Since then, the pedestal has lain at the bottom of the sea and almost reaches the surface of the water.

Many Maltese have been very impressed by the collapse of their landmark. For this reason and to continue to attract tourists, the reconstruction of a futuristic monument is planned.

Old landmarks of Azure Window Malta
This is what the Azure Window looked like before it collapsed. Photo: Stas Mandryka / 500px via Canva

6. World Trade Center, New York

Undoubtedly, one of the most horrific attacks on humanity was September 11, 2001. At that time, terrorists flew two planes into New York City’s Twin Towers. Others hit the Pentagon or were crashed by passengers. In total, nearly 3,000 people died. Since then, the World Trade Center has been a sad symbol of suffering and pain.

The towers, which were completely destroyed in the attacks, were only opened in 1973 and have been emblematic of New York ever since. They were mostly filled with office space, but you could also visit a viewing platform. After the ruins were cleared, plans emerged for a new World Trade Center “One”. This opened in 2015 right next to the former twin towers location. At the foot of the new skyscraper there is a memorial to the victims – the so-called ground zero.

World Trade Center
The twin towers have made up the New York skyline for nearly 30 years. Photo: ihsanyildizli via Canva

7. Pauline Church, Leipzig

Finally, an ancient landmark that many are unaware of. Because today Leipzig is famous not least for its particularly futuristic university. The blue glass building draws the crowds and resembles a church. And not without reason. Because where the university is today, the Pauliner church remained until 1968. While the church survived WWII completely unscathed, SED politician Walter Ulbricht commissioned its demolition in 1968.

This explosion, which occurred for no understandable reason, caught the community so unprepared that only a few precious documents and scores were saved. People who protested the planned demolition received prison sentences.

Leipzig University
The newly built university is intended to commemorate the destroyed Paulinerkirche. Photo: TommL Getty Images signature via Canva

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