Carmen-Sylva-School Neuwied-Niederbieber is a university school of the University of Koblenz-Landau

Message dated 03/28/2022

Christine Schleif, director of the Carmen-Sylva-School (CSS) Realschule Plus in Niederbieber, sees the appointment of the CSS in the university school of the University of Koblenz as a real opportunity for pupils as “a great thing”. “Especially for our middle school classes, this increases the ability to study later. And there are also new perspectives for our professional baccalaureate class ”.

From left: Ines Weber, Christine Schleif, Ramona Henrich. Photo: private

Neuwied / Koblenz. At the most recent event in Koblenz, both Niederbieber and the Max-von-Laue-Gymnasium Koblenz were included in the campus school network. The merger of the University of Koblenz-Landau now has 33 members. So far only IGS Johanna-Löwenherz from the Neuwied district has been part of the group of participants.

Numerous projects are already underway, some are still in the planning stage. Numerous departmental offers for partner schools, campus visits and guided tours for schoolchildren, trial lessons for everyone from 9th grade, ongoing theme days, mediation of requests for further training and job exchange with replacement places in schools partners, all this awaits the participants.

Meanwhile, Carmen Sylva School teachers are already in the midst of engaging in the network. Ines Weber, who is responsible for promoting German for migrants in school, would like to offer “storytelling” in the DaZ area (German as a second language) and in language training. Ramona Henrich, Head of Grades 5 and 6 at CSS, would like to enter the area of ​​nutrition education and is already planning the “healthy breakfast” in the orientation level.

Rector Christina Schleif is already planning a first excursion and would like to do a one-day internship with Koblenz University chemistry courses next year.

The network of universities of the University of Koblenz, which intends to link university teaching and research more closely with school practice and to help improve quality on both sides, is therefore further expanded: with the participation of representatives of all and four departments at the University of Koblenz, under the direction of the university’s teacher training center, exemplary opportunities for cooperation at the interface between theory and practice were presented. For example, the MoSAiK university project to improve the quality of teacher education, which focuses, among other things, on mentoring prospective teachers and networking with extracurricular learning venues.

During the event, further initiatives from the university departments were also presented, such as the mathematics club for gifted pupils, but also from online schools. An exchange of ideas and projects also invited people to talk to each other and discuss further plans and wishes for further cooperation.

Teachers and school administrations were able to inquire about existing opportunities for cooperation with the university, establish contacts with representatives of all university departments and determine implementation options under specific school conditions.

The Teacher Training Center of the University of Koblenz focuses on the professionalization of prospective teachers. Cooperation with schools supported by the network can create good conditions for advancing this professionalization process, for example by making theoretical knowledge from research available to teachers in continuing education events or by offering students the opportunity to gain practical school experience in the context of university teaching collect. The university network provides the optimal framework for this. (PM)

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