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Corona hit us all hard. The holidays also had to be missed. If you don’t want to take any chances yet, you can bring that vacation feeling into your living room with “Route East”. Driving from Istanbul to Shanghai, we pass monuments, monuments and places of interest. Even if risks arise on such a long journey that we may not think about right now, it will certainly be an exciting adventure.

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That’s what the game is about

“Route East” is a racing game created by John Hale and it is for 2-5 people designed. The “East Route” is deactivated Suitable for ages 11 and up and a tough game, according to the development team ADVENTURE LOSS GAMES, average 60-90 minutes. To the 8th of March launched the “Route East” campaign. on Kickstarter, a platform where projects are financed through crowdfunding. In “Route East” we step into the role of people traveling from Istanbul to Shanghai. Here we try to visit different places of interest, find cheap accommodation and use secret ways to get to your destination sooner.

The person who visits all the attractions of the trip first and arrives in Shanghai wins the game.

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Road trip of the extra class

At the start of the game, each person is assigned a certain number of crosshairs, depending on the number of players. These are kept secret from players and must be visited on the way to Shanghai. When visiting these landmarks, the cards are played and the effect described on them is activated.

At the beginning of each round, a so-called ignition card is drawn, read aloud and the consequences are discussed. They act as a kind of event card. In turn, people have two actions available, which can be used in combination or individually, for a total of three times.

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To shift: The character is moved forward one space. A train must arrive at a hostel, hotel or border unless the person owns a tent. Accommodation is paid for at the start of the next round and costs different amounts of money depending on the type of accommodation. The type of accommodation is characterized by the different colors of the fields. You have to stop at a border crossing. On the next turn, a Border card is drawn instead of an Ignition card.

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Draw action card: Action cards help you advance faster, slow down other teams, or provide other benefits. A maximum of two action cards can be played per turn. Playing it does not cost an action, however. Five action cards can be held in hand at the same time.

There are also other routes and special places:

beaten paths: These are marked with a dashed line. These paths can only be used if the person got an even number. This costs one action and can be repeated as many times as you want.

Toll roads: Indicated by the red lines. There is a $ 25 fee to go through here.

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petrol station: Here you can get a tank token. A tank token is required for each border crossing.

ATM: Here a card is drawn from the bank. The indicated amount is immediately credited to the capital. If a person’s costs exceed their expenses, they will be brought directly to the country’s embassy. Here she is given $ 100 but has to roll a 6 to get out. A 6 can only be rolled once per turn. After 2 turns, the person automatically regains freedom.

Crossing the Caspian Sea: Here, as if at a border, you stop and draw a border card. The person then has 2 full turns to roll a 6 three times each. After two trains, the crossing succeeds automatically.

The person who visits all their attractions first and then arrives in Shanghai wins the “Route East”.

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