Control schools: the need for renovation is greater in these cities

Federal Association of Quality Repair of Concrete Structures eV

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  • The Federal Association of Quality Assurance for Concrete Structural Repair determines the city with the greatest need for school renovation
  • Hamburg and Berlin are currently at the forefront when it comes to planning the renovation and new construction of school buildings
  • No renovations are currently needed in Munich, Dresden and Bonn

During the Covid19 pandemic, digitization projects were tackled in many German schools. But the building fabric also requires more attention in some cities. For this reason, the Federal Association of Quality for Concrete Structural Repair has reviewed school renovation contracts in the 20 largest German cities and found out where the need for construction is greatest. To do this, the community looked at a total of 358 public procurements and analyzed whether the projects included construction for new buildings or repairs.

In Hamburg, most of the construction measures are planned for schools

With a total of 40 tenders, Hamburg ranks first in terms of the number of planned or contracted construction measures. The Hanseatic city is closely followed by the capital with 35 tenders. Stuttgart comes in third with 17 planned construction measures in schools. The two penultimate places are occupied by Frankfurt, Bielefeld and Dortmund with two races each and Nuremberg with a construction project planned. Munich and Dresden are the rear without tenders for construction projects in schools.

The need for renovation is greatest in Hamburg

123 of the contracts examined refer to the restoration of existing buildings. With 23 tenders, the need for renovation is greatest in Hamburg. In second place is Berlin with 21 planned repairs. With 14 tenders, Essen has the third largest number of renovations.

Dortmund, Bielefeld and Bonn, on the other hand, do not have any repair projects in the municipal schools planned. There is also little to do in Frankfurt am Main and Bremen with only two planned measures each. Five cities ranked third from last with three projects each: Münster, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Bochum and Wuppertal.

Most of the new buildings are planned in Hamburg and Berlin

A total of 85 of the tenders examined concern the construction or extension of school buildings. Most of them can be found again in Hamburg and Berlin. Hamburg is currently planning 17 measures for new buildings and Berlin 14. Stuttgart meanwhile takes third place with ten planned projects. Bielefeld, Cologne, Bochum and Dortmund form the lower end of the rankings with two races each. No measures are planned in Duisburg, Leipzig, Frankfurt and Nuremberg.

“Schools in Germany are often not up to date, especially from the point of view of energy efficiency. Education and climate protection meet here like almost no other. We are therefore in favor of reducing the backlog of investments in schools not only in digitization. , but also in the dismantling of buildings “, comments graduate engineer Marco Götze, president of the Federal Quality Association for Building Repair.

All study data can be viewed here.

About the investigation

The Federal Quality Association for Concrete Structural Repair analyzes the tenders of the 20 largest cities in Germany and has counted all tenders for school construction measures. The following were not recorded: scaffolding, construction sites, final building cleaning, design services or acquisition of objects without further installations. The Federal Association for Quality Assurance analyzed 358 tenders for schools and identified 208 renovation or new construction measures.

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