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City trips are very popular with the most popular travel destinations during Easter through April. Demand for classic Mallorca is still the strongest, albeit considerably lower than in 2021. Traveling to the sunny island is cheaper than last year and even before the pandemic. Above all, Germans crave city trips – and London, Paris and New York are on the rise again. This was determined by the travel search engine momondo.

Germans get their favorite vacation spot Majorca at a bargain price this year. As is often the case, the sunny islands are at the top of the search queries for flights over the Easter period. The particularly sunny news of this year: prices for flights are almost 7% lower than the previous year’s value and for hotel accommodation also half and about 20% lower than average overnight prices than before the pandemic. A Balearic Island holiday is even becoming a tip for bargain hunters and sun worshipers. The remaining places in the top 10 travel destinations belong to the metropolises.

Demand boom in cities: Germans crave holidays in metropolises

Contrary to the general travel trend of preferring more remote destinations, this year German Easter holidaymakers are increasingly drawn to the pulsating metropolises of the world, especially European ones. With Istanbul, Lisbon, London, Paris and Rome, the main travel destinations in the city return to the air routes of vacationers, while for Easter in the distance flights to Dubai, New York and Bangkok are the most popular destinations. With an optimal mix of big city atmosphere and sandy beaches, Barcelona is in second place in the flight search rankings.

Hotels in some cities significantly cheaper than last year

While flight prices have tended to increase year on year with the exception of London where they have fallen slightly, a look at average hotel prices shows that a trip to some major cities can be very worthwhile: Paris is located. in hotels, for example, has an average of 127 euros, which corresponds to a reduction of about ten percent compared to 2019. In Barcelona, ​​the price level drops by about 28 percent compared to the same period in 2019 at an average of 108 euros. If you want to go to the Big Apple of New York, you can spend around 22% less than in Easter 2019, for an average price of 200 euros.

Top 10 travel destinations based on flight search

1. Palma de Mallorca


3. Istanbul

4. Lisbon


6. Dubai

7. New York

8. Paris

9. Bangkok

10. Rome

Cities are also ahead in Germany

In Germany, the top 5 when looking for a hotel are also cities: Berlin (average price for a night in a hotel: around 94 EUR), Hamburg (110 EUR), Cologne (97 EUR), Munich (86 EUR) and Frankfurt on the Main (85 euros).

Laure Bornet, General Manager of KAYAK EMEA, says on the Easter travel trend: “The classic destinations Majorca and Barcelona are still a favorite with Germans. However, we are seeing a clear trend that this year they are increasingly attracted to the metropolises of the world. London, Paris and New York are back in the running with some excellent price levels. . For travelers, the offer for the Easter holidays is very varied and attractive, even the bargain hunters are worth their money. ”

Airports will probably be full on 9 April, and things will calm down again on 10 April

When choosing the travel period, most of the search queries for the Easter holidays started with the departure date April 9, which is the Saturday before Good Friday, which ranked first among the travel dates the more you look for. Flight searches on momondo.com departing on April 9 are 105% higher than searches for flights departing the next day. It can therefore be assumed that German airports will be particularly busy on 9 April. Insider tip for all travelers: Don’t start your vacation before April 10th.

The trend: extra holidays

Many also use their holidays to extend their vacation. According to research, the average travel time is nine days. Practical: Due to the two public holidays, employees in Germany only have to take eight days of annual leave and can enjoy two full weeks of free time.

* Based on flight and hotel searches on momondo.de between 02/01/2022 and 03/23/2022 for travel period 04/08/2022 to 04/18/2022 compared to searches between 01 / 02/2021 and 23/03/2021 for the travel period 26/03/2021 and 05.04.2021 and for search queries between 01.02.2019 and 23.03.2019 for the travel period 12.04.-22.04.2019 . All flight prices are average prices for economy and round trip. The prices sought may vary and savings cannot be guaranteed.

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