Parents complain about the provision of food in kindergartens, schools and after-school care

Fresh and balanced, tasty and child-friendly: this is how all parents imagine the food that their children will bring to the table when they go to nursery, after-school and school. The fact that in some cases this is wishful thinking is evidenced by the complaints of several parents in Löwenberger Land whose children attend school, after-school or daycare provided by the food supplier Zuerbel & Lingk GmbH & Co KG from Neuruppin.

The Löwenberger Land parents are dissatisfied with the food supply

On behalf of several parents, a mother from Löwenberger Land (name known to the editors) contacted MAZ to make the complaints public after repeated complaints to the food supplier did not lead to an improvement in the situation and, according to her, were even completely ignored.

“The problem has been around for a long time, but no one has really dared to address it,” he says. The company is known to be struggling with personnel problems. “But there is a contract with the municipality and the children have a right to a healthy diet.” However, what ends up on the plates there on certain days doesn’t sound very appetizing. Then the mother tells about the liquid rice pudding and cherry soup, “which was more like cherry brandy”. Also, the portions are too small.

Löwenberger Hort introduced “quality labels”.

Now there are parents who are convinced of the quality of the food – even their judgment was not exactly positive. At the Löwenberger Hort, quality sheets are now compiled in order to be able to document complaints. “Obviously it’s a canteen kitchen, so the food doesn’t taste like mom’s at home, it’s clear to us,” says the spokesperson. Too little food is often delivered.

“It’s an ongoing problem. It works for a few weeks every now and then the problem returns.” Parents want their children to be fed properly again, both qualitatively and quantitatively. “You don’t even need to. of a choice of three meals. Two would be enough if the quality were right “.

Food vendor responds to parental criticism

Daniela Mrosek comments on the allegations. “Of course, unfortunately I have to admit that we have made some mistakes in the kitchen in the last few weeks,” the woman who works as kitchen manager for Zuerbel and Lingk openly admits. Due to an extreme shortage of staff, cases of illness and serious problems with the supplier, on some occasions it happened that lunch could not be guaranteed to 100 percent of the children.

“We have now dealt with this problem very intensively and we will be very careful so that these mistakes do not repeat themselves.” In the last week there have been various talks with colleagues, employees of the Löwenberg elementary school and also with the community, “where we talked about many comments, problems and even suggestions, where we arrived at many common ideas, which will be implemented as soon as possible “.

Parents will not pay for meals starting March 11

Daniela Mrosek also explains the liquid rice pudding criticized by her parents. “At lunch on March 11th, there was a rice pudding with sugar and cinnamon and applesauce for dessert, and obviously the chef made a big mistake that couldn’t be corrected. We apologize for this from the bottom of our hearts. and we have drawn the necessary conclusions from this mistake on our part and obviously we will exempt from payment all the parents who that day chose lunch for their children ”.

Of course, interested parents will also be contacted. “In addition, I will personally make sure that I stay in regular contact with the after-school, school and community in Löwenberg so that we can always get in touch as soon as there are questions or problems.”

By Stefanie Fechner

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