Potsdam: city service with problems, sanctions in the parks

Did you have an appointment at the Bürgerservice Potsdam? Keep it, frame it: it’s a rarity. At least heard. MAZ readers report frustrated at unsuccessful attempts to get an appointment for a new ID card. And there are other problems that move them.

Gambling for appointments at the service of the citizen

For Gabriele Eitner it is like a lottery: he continues to try his luck in making appointments. Time is running out:

“I too could symbolically join the supervisory complaint with my experience, although my concern is not as serious as the mandatory re-registrations or the required certificates of good conduct. My ID expires on April 11th. I have been looking for an appointment for three weeks. Attempts several times a day (mainly at 8:00 am) have failed. I have found free appointments a total of four times, but I have not gotten anything because after my last entry it was shown that the appointment had just been assigned. In your article you mention the long waiting times for an appointment: I would like to wait longer, but this is not possible either. So the game goes happily and so are the declarations of intent of the municipal administration “.

“If I don’t know what to do anymore …”

Wolfgang Brede requests digitization, but in a professional way, please. Currently there is not much to hear about “service”:

“Citizen service, which for a long time was usually only available online – or rather: it is not reachable – wants to be a good service provider,” says Schubert. So why isn’t it? Many probably still remember a functioning and well-accepted citizen service that received the “Service Quality Germany” seal in 2018.

Digitization works only to a very, very limited extent: I can apply for a driver’s license online, but not a passport or identity card. An online registration or registration and deregistration certificate? Now the Mayor has set up a working group, faithful to the motto “If I ever get stuck, I create a working group”.

From the year 2016 – extract from the objective of the mission statement for the chapter of the mission statement “The innovative city”:

– Potsdam actively uses digital change for innovations.

– Potsdam is a city with a citizen-oriented, efficient and modern administration.

– Potsdam uses public resources economically and sensibly and is committed to intergenerational justice.

The “Law to improve online access to administrative services” (also of just under five years) also obliges local authorities to digitize administrative services by the end of 2022, making them more accessible, efficient and user-friendly for the citizens. So, Lord Mayor, there will be a showdown in nine months.

“The same process for months”

Martin Henseke recounts his various attempts to renew an identity card:

“My ID card has expired – so far, so unspectacular. In the past you had made an appointment with the city service for renewal – yes, even on site – and in a very short time you received a new document. It is currently a disaster and the word “service to citizens” disproves every single letter.

It is understandable that in pandemic conditions, appointments have to be made online. But you also need to be able to get an appointment! The internet says new dates are posted every day. So I’ve been sitting at my computer at 7:58 sharp on weekdays for months and waiting for things to come or not. From 7:59 am the use of the booking system increases significantly and sometimes it can take up to 30 seconds to go from one page to another. In the worst case, no new appointments appear after 8:00 am.

Attempt to book an appointment for citizen service.
Source: Giulio Frick

But there are also supposed moments of happiness: then suddenly there are eight free appointments for the same day (!). Is there anyone in the city service who seriously assumes that everyone has nothing to do, just sitting at home and waiting for the polite administration to listen to them? So eight free dates! You try to click and after about two minutes of waiting while all the sites are loading, you can finally confirm the appointment. But: no confirmation of the appointment, but the display that the appointment has already been taken.

Same procedure for months. None available by phone. None available via email. Not allowed on site. What else to do? Send gift baskets to the administration? My identity card has expired. I must have a valid ID. You can no longer do things that require ID.

Fines for the park: “Long overdue”

Jürgen Brepohl is annoyed by the vandalism and recklessness of visitors to the Potsdam Palace Park. Here’s why he thinks stricter controls and fines are fair:

“The Castle Foundation will combine its audits with warnings that they will be subject to a fee. I think this decision is the right one and also long overdue. Of course, if there are parking rules, they must apply. Unfortunately, there are people who ignore such definitions. During our visits to the parks, we experience that there is vandalism, recklessness and recklessness. Full or even overfilled trash cans shouldn’t exist if all visitors take the trash home or even try to avoid the trash altogether. Wild bathing places or cycling in places where it is not allowed: it is not possible! I have the impression that the more citizens’ wishes are satisfied, the more these permits will be violated. Motto: If you give me your little finger, I’ll take your whole hand.

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During our visits to Potsdam’s parks, however, we also found that law enforcement officers who have been deployed in recent years (although they were also visible) avoid ways they would be involved in conflicts with visitors. Asking the city to arrange alternative uses of green spaces is something worth considering “.

“Potsdam very close”: dialogue with the districts

In the MAZ series “Potsdam very close” we recently examined the districts in the north of the state capital. Hence the criticisms of cooperation with the municipal administration often come. Renate Plage of Marquardt sees positives and deficits:

“The fact that there has been and still is criticism of the cooperation between the northern suburbs of Potsdam and the state capital for many years is a fact and now it is finally leading to dialogue. It is good that the MAZ is contributing so As a resident of Marquardt, I read with great interest what the local presidents of the neighboring municipalities of Fahrland, Neu Fahrland, Uetz-Paaren, Satzkorn and Groß Glienicke underline in the critical points of cooperation with the city of Potsdam.

To read all the articles in the series on the north of Potsdam.

However, as far as Marquardt is concerned, I must say that the statements of our mayor are rather scarce. And one comment is even wrong: it concerns our beautiful park created by Lenné and the care of him, which can be described as anything but “enhancing” for the place. In the dry summer, the park’s lawns were climbed over with heavy vehicles (a huge tractor) to mow the grass, so that later the areas looked like a plowed field. The idyllic vegetation around the three ponds was also simply cut away. The city has signaled that a different and more environmentally friendly solution will be found this year. Hopefully!

And I don’t want to question the importance of a swing, but there are far more pressing problems like our large newly built fire station, which after a pompous inauguration was abandoned for a long time because we no longer have firefighters. . And finally, another big problem that wasn’t mentioned: Marquardt train station will be converted into a mobility hub. However, there is no solution in sight when it comes to accessibility, not a word about it! ”

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