Project manager Johannes Heiss is responsible for the overall coordination of the 2022 Canoe Slalom World Championship in Augusta.

Project manager Johannes Heiss is responsible for the overall coordination of the 2022 Canoe Slalom World Championship in Augusta.

Canoe slalom big World Cup project of the city of Augusta:

The third Canoe Slalom World Championship will be held in Augusta at the end of July and it will be that occasion again soon!

As things stand, the city is broke when it comes to renovating the Olympic facility on Augusta’s Eiskanal, both in terms of cost and construction time. The handover of the new Olympic Park will officially take place on April 29, 2022.

The project manager is responsible for the overall coordination of the 2022 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Augusta – Johannes Heiss.

He is employed by the city of Augusta as a qualified marketing specialist and has already been involved in a number of major large-scale projects.

A world championship is a great challenge and we were able to ask Johannes Heiss a few questions.

MS: You took over the project management of the 2022 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Autumn 2020 and were also able to increase your World Championship team. What is the division of labor in your team and what is your main goal?

JH: Right, even though our team is quite small compared to other organizing committees. It is therefore all the more important to work closely together and to be able to count on the support of the clubs, without whose expertise the planning of the Canoe Slalom World Championships would not be possible.

Team information:

Carolin Edenhofner is in charge of marketing and communication and keeps an eye on all important deadlines.

Michael Senft, head of the Federal Performance Center, is our local contact and provides support in many organizational matters.

There has been a change of personnel in the areas of infrastructure, security and logistics. Murat Arkantura, who has a lot of experience in this field, is currently supporting us here.

Laura Kress supports us as a project assistant in the fields of organization, communication and marketing.

Manuel Schill is responsible for the cultural support program, a very important component of this World Cup.

In addition to the overall management of the project, I also deal with issues such as sponsorships, ticketing, consultancy with the media and associations, and I am particularly involved in the marketing area.

MS: The 2022 World Cup (corporate design) CD is supposed to be based on the 1972 Summer Olympics in Augusta on the one hand, but it should also be a modern brand in its own right on the other. You can explain this point again.

We were able to attend the SWA inauguration of the WM Tram in Augusta and who had the idea and the design? From the beginning of March until the end of the year, the World Cup tram will travel the city in the likeness of the four outstanding Augsburg athletes such as Elena Lilik, Ricada Funk, Sideris Tasiadis and Hannes Aigner. Three of these four slalom paddlers returned to Lech in summer 2021 with an Olympic medal and the fourth paddler with world medals. How are these four Fuggerstadt canoeists still involved?


As this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Olympic Games, in which Augusta first hosted canoe competitions and this moment is considered the birth time of the Augusta Ice Channel, it was obvious that The The cup should be based on the iconic 1972 design to orient yourself. Ottl Aicher designed the main idea of ​​colorful and friendly games, we took up this topic and combined it with the characteristics of Augusta and the ice rink. In the process, we’ve created what I think is a very successful corporate design.

Kerstin Kriegbaum and Joaquin Duarte created the corporate design for us, they also designed the tram and support us in all design issues together with the main communication department of the city.

Augusta athletes Elena Lilik, Ricada Funk, Sideris Tasiadis and Hannes Aigner are our hometown heroes and in this context also our brand ambassadors for the World Cup. Therefore, further actions with the athletes are planned in consultation and taking into account the training plans. They will also be the faces of our poster motifs, which will soon be seen all over the city.

MS: To organize the World Cup, a large World Cup organization is needed. He has previously had intense discussions with the DKV (German Canoe Association), with some of the World Cup participants such as the Augsburg canoe clubs and the Augsburg city offices. I would like to describe Competition Manager Fabian Dörfler as a pillar for the whole competition process, because as a former world-class canoeist he has the deepest vision – together with clubs Kanu Schwaben and AKV Augsburg – in the ICF competition area. The further distribution of tasks such as framework agreements between the city and the clubs, the World Cup budget and the financial participation of the federal and state governments, but also the important field of communication strategy and development of the support program, but not to forget the sponsor acquisition is located in your area. Can you tell us more about these extremely important points?


Yes, Fabian Dörfler is doing a great job and we are all happy to have him on board.

As already mentioned, Manuel Schill of the Mayor’s Department is responsible for designing the cultural support program, but of course we are in close contact with the clubs and sports manager Mr. Enninger. I plan the sponsorship acquisition together with Hans-Peter Pleitner, President of Kanu Schwaben. Things are going very well in this area and we can see that the partner companies recognize the value of such a world championship in Augusta. We benefit from the combination of the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games, the ice rink as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Augsburg and the varied cultural support program.

We also use this strong triad in our communication strategy: the World Cup tram has been running through the city for two weeks and the campaigns in the city area will begin in April. Furthermore, we are very active digitally and a lot is planned with our media partners AZ, Hit Radio RT1 and atv.

The budget is a very important building block, as it is essential for all planning and implementation of the World Cup. At the moment, however, things are going very well, thanks in part to the support of the city, the Free State and the federal government.

MS: The official mascot “Gustl” was presented at San Nicola 2021 and is now available from March 15, 2022. Ticket sales are going very well from December 2021, how many tickets have already been sold (to date) and how many spectators it can accommodate the newly renovated area of ​​the Olympic site? What can guests from near and far expect, what activities are planned? opening ceremony etc….


We have sold 6,000 tickets to date. We are still in the approval phase of the event, but we expect 8,100 people per day to be admitted to the site and around 7,300 of them will be paying visitors. So there are still enough tickets to buy.

Exciting competitions naturally await the visitor on the site, as well as a completely renovated Olympic Park. There are also attractive food and drink stands, canoe displays, a colorful children’s program, and a stage where bands and DJs will perform in addition to award ceremonies.

MS: In 2022 the Summer Olympics will turn 50 (Munich / Augsburg) and longtime former Kanu Schwaben president Horst Woppowa has been discussing “Olympia 1972” with some people back then and is organizing a meeting in the context of the World Championships of former German athletes and referees on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Olympics. The answer is already excellent, participants from Australia and Hawaii have also registered. In any case, a great program awaits you. There are other points from you of the Slalom World Championships and Olympia 1972, you are certainly in contact with the organization of the European Championship in Munich 2022.

My question is also addressed to a possible common marketing strategy.


We think it is fantastic what Horst Woppowa has set in motion here and we are looking forward to the visit of former Olympics participants. We also want to invite them one evening to the special exhibition “50 Years of the Olympic Games 1972 – 50 Years of the Ice Canal”, which has been specially curated for the Canoe World Championships and will take place in the Kongress am Park.

It will be on 30.07. there will be an anniversary celebration in the organizing center and DOSB is planning further activities together with Munich, Kiel and Augusta.

We are in contact with the organizers of the European Championships and there are already several projects such as the “50th anniversary parade of the Munich Olympics” on 2 July, where we will be represented with a delegation from the two clubs and the city. At the “Festival of Games, Sport and Art” in the Olympic Park, we represent the Canoe World Championships with our promotional stand. In addition, there are also concrete ideas for cooperation on our social media channels.

MS: There would certainly be many other interesting things to do in your field of work as a project manager. Is there anything else that is particularly close to your heart?


In addition to the important milestones, such as the timely completion of the Olympic Park on the Eiskanal, the national qualification and ICF ranking competitions and the many and varied challenges in planning and carrying out the Canoe World Championships, it is particularly important to me that we can experience together a quiet world championship in Augusta. We look forward to athletes and guests from all over the world and we want to welcome you with our Augusta hospitality and introduce you to a world canoe championship that everyone will cherish fond memories of.

Johannes, we would like to thank you for providing us with a “small” insight into your work as a project manager with this interview and we will certainly have a great event at the beautiful newly renovated Olympia facility in Augusta. We can’t wait, start now with the qualification for the National World Cup.

DKV sighting in canoe slalom 4 LK qualification races and 2 junior qualification races from 06.05. until 08.05.2022

Marianne Stenglein in an interview with Johannes Heiss

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