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Suicide Tourist – There is no escape

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Insurance agent Max (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) lived happily with his wife Lærke (Tuva Novotny) until recently, but now suffers from an incurable brain tumor and has decided to take his own life. So far, however, he has failed in every attempt he has made. In this situation, a client (Sonja Richter) contacts him: the death of her husband Arthur has not yet been clarified, but until that has happened, she cannot claim her insurance on her life. Now he has received a video from the Aurora Hotel offering planned and assisted suicides. Reason enough for Max to contact the hotel in his own interest. But once you’ve checked in, you can’t go back. …

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Suicide Tourist - There is no escape

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Criticism of the editorial staff of FILMSTARTS

The titles with which the new film by director “When Animals Dream” Jonas Alexander Arnby will be marketed all over the world can be roughly divided into two categories: while the original Danish “Selvmordsturisten” (= suicidal tourist) or the Norwegian title ” Mannen Uten Framtid “(= man without a future) would go well with a cryptic drama, the American version” Exit Plan “and the German slogan” There is no escape “indicate a more direct thriller. The second-rate alternatives literally scream at a farce from the marketing department. But even if the titles quite often and intentionally give wrong impressions: in this case it is absolutely understandable that the film is marketed so differently – because when you watch “Suicide Tourist – There is no escape” you also get viewers.

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I can understand the criticisms of this film, since he does not always really know which direction he wants to go and, above all, the ending, which then takes a completely different direction from what it has been until now, is unfortunately sobering. However, I think the idea and implementation are very successful. Nikolaj Coster Waldau plays excellently, the images are fantastic and the idea of ​​a film on a focused and planned …

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A small but still attractive title that came to theaters when almost nothing else was happening due to the crown situation. That may have attracted a little more attention than it would have in other circumstances, but that doesn’t mean the film is more rewarding. But there isn’t much to complain about. With the title and synopsis, you can’t really expect a happy job, and neither can that. The film boasts a …

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