The Augustental school is undergoing renovations

Chemistry classrooms are getting old, classrooms are often too small, and special needs school classrooms are awkwardly spaced. The Augustental school center is showing its age. Politicians and school management have long debated a redesign. It should finally start with the summer holidays.

The school center will be “overturned” in three construction phases, as mayor Gerd Radisch says. A complete reorganization is imminent for the students. The community school specialist classrooms are receiving a new building, the support center moves to the current specialist classroom wing, a larger teachers room is being built in the current support center, and the primary school is being expanded. Costs: about 13.5 million euros. “At least with today’s prices for building materials,” jokes Mayor Gerd Radisch.

Summer vacation: First, a new Nawi wing is built

During the summer holidays, an expansion of the specialist rooms is planned. Architect Peter Petersen of Hochfeldt und Partner is designing a white rectangular building to the right of the main entrance. The red stone of the main building will therefore be largely covered. “We want to consciously distinguish ourselves from existing ones. The school was built in all kinds of styles, ”explains Peter Petersen. A new building is necessary because the current one is protected. “We couldn’t have changed much there,” explains Peter Petersen.

The new building will have three floors with six specialist rooms. Science rooms below, art and textiles above. In addition to the stairs, an elevator also connects the floors. “We want to ensure accessibility here,” says Peter Petersen.

Principal Solveig Märzhäuser looks relieved. “The old rooms are no longer up to date,” he says. Entering the rooms, it is immediately clear that something must be done here. The rooms date back to the 1980s and are still decorated in the same way. The tables are firmly anchored to the floor. Technology is old. The periodic table on the wall is out of date.

The Nawi wing hasn’t been updated for a long time, say architect Peter Petersen and school director Solveig Märzhäuser.
Source: Jorid Behn

Soon it will be history. “In the new wing, the gas pipes in the rooms should reach the tables from above,” explains the manager. The tables would move freely in the new rooms. “Then they can also be postponed for teamwork,” says Solveig Märzhäuser. The architectural firm foresees a year for the extension. Cost: 3,860,000 euros.

School in Augustental: a new support center will follow in 2023

If all goes according to plan, a new support center will be created in 2023. Special needs students must transfer to the current specialist classroom wing. Students are currently studying in classrooms between primary school and community school. “There is traffic and this is bad for the support center. Students need more rest ”, explains Solveig Märzhäuser.

Architect Peter Petersen intends to expand the current science wing. The corridor there must be three floors. New classrooms and a kitchen or canteen in the basement need to be built. Special needs school teachers should also have an upstairs room in the wing. Cost: 5,461,000 euros.

School campus: change of elementary school classrooms

In the third phase of construction, the elementary school comes into play. Lightweight walls have to be pulled down to change classrooms and an elevator has to be set up. The teaching room will be housed in the current support center. The effort is a little less here. The costs still amount to 4,185,000 euros.

“We evaluated whether it was worth building a completely new school,” says Gerd Radisch, in view of finances. But community representatives decided not to. “The school has grown historically and new additions have been made here over and over again. This is what distinguishes them today ”. The location is also ideal. “We have a lot of space here for the children during the breaks,” explains Solveig Märzhäuser. The sports fields right next door are well equipped. The all day school and youth club are not far away. “The place is aimed at young people,” says Märzhäuser.

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