This is how you can live outdoors in the summer

Balcony and garden furniture
This is how you can live outdoors in the summer

In uncertain times, we want to be particularly comfortable at home. It’s our retreat. In summer, this also includes a balcony, terrace and garden. Here are some ideas for your outdoor home.

Welcome to – hopefully – the best days of the year. The sun is shining, the air is pleasantly warm and we are adding some rooms to our house: the terrace, the balcony, the garden and, if you don’t have all of these, you can go to the park.

For some years now it has become a trend to make your green space even more liveable than it already is under the sun. You can make yourself even more comfortable, even more beautiful and even more flexible when you are sitting, lying, lying down and barbecuing. Here are some ideas if you’re not happy enough with your favorite sunspot:

Live outside as well as inside

Most of the trends are long lasting. They accumulate for a few years and then decompose again. So it shouldn’t surprise you when experts repeat: 2022 will be trendy for patio and balcony furniture that resembles your living room and dining room furniture.

Meanwhile, this includes much more than a comfortable sofa and a stylish dining table with lounge chairs. Over the past couple of years, many furniture manufacturers have expanded their collections to include dressers, wing chairs, and outdoor rocking chairs. There are side tables and coffee tables, weatherproof stools and ottomans, even dividers and rugs in the outdoor living room.

Service trolleys and moving lights

For Christine Scharrenbroch, press spokesperson for the German Furniture Industry Association, the poufs deserve a special mention: “Right now you see a lot of this crumpled, small, stool-like furniture.” while he is sitting on the sofa.

Scharrenbroch’s other tip is to serve the trolleys. “These also play a role in the interior, for example by placing them at the dining table or in the kitchen,” says the furniture expert. “They are also excellent for transporting objects from the inside to the outside. Or on the terrace as a side table”.

Mobile LED lights for balconies and gardens are often advertised, often in the style of lanterns or lanterns. On hot summer nights, these small wireless lights not only provide light near the seating area or on the table, but also serve as a decoration at night and during the day thanks to their optics.

The details are now correct too

A few years ago, garden, balcony and patio furniture had to take a big step in development to reach the level of home furnishings in terms of looks and ergonomics, but now the developments are happening in unison. Especially since more and more interior designers are also designing and producing garden furniture – new in 2022, for example, Rolf Benz and W. Schillig Polstermöbelwerke.

The outdoor furniture has nothing to envy to its counterparts in the living room, even in the small details and finishes. Sofas and benches with soft padding are adjustable. An example of this is the lounge furniture of the Ocean Skid series by Kettler: the backrest can be tilted in such a way as to become a comfortable headboard if you want to use the sofa as a bed or simply for an afternoon nap.

Serax supplies its furniture from the Fontainebleau series with two different types of cushions. Solid versions for the seat cushions and softer versions for the backrest and armrests. “It should feel like taking the pillow out of the bed into the garden,” said the company quotes designer José Lévy.

Lots of flexibility

The outdoor furniture also incorporates in detail the trends of indoor furniture. Here and there there are more and more modular units that can be flexibly adapted to the respective location. With Calipso, for example, Ethimo has a lounge collection in its range whose backrest and armrest cushions are detached from the base and can be arranged the way you want to sit. The cushions act as backrests thanks to a support system.

And multi-part seats are often complemented with storage space or even entire tables, both on the edge and in the center between the seats.

Slim look, trendy colors

There is also a visual overlap: “Just like in the living room, a rather light look dominates with the outdoor furniture. The frames are often made of airy aluminum or weatherproof wicker and fitted with comfortable cushions, ”reports VDM spokesperson Christine Scharrenbroch.

The color trend is also common to upholstered furniture. Above all, you can find different shades of gray from trendy manufacturers and a lot of light beige and brown, typical for the outside. But the manufacturers also show in their advertising images what a little color can do. Individual chairs in a dining set or even just a few cushions on a sofa in bright colors like bright sunny yellow, soft blue or bright orange are eye catchers in the uniform gray-beige look.

Rest in a cot or suspended cocoon

To which is added the trend hotel, which has also arrived in the outdoor area. The special relaxation furniture you know in hotels or spas are popular and are increasingly found in shops as well.

A good example of this interior design trend is the box-spring bed. In Europe, only at home in hotel rooms, they have become a bestseller for private rooms. The matching outdoor furniture of the hotel pool, spa or beach club can also be found in the private garden. Especially sunbeds.

Given their classic location, we associate them more than ever with a feeling of relaxation, even on vacation. And maybe with a touch of luxury. In addition, they are visually something special in the garden. And these relaxation furniture often offers a little more retreat space, since they have curtains that can be closed or are structured like cocoons and types, for example.

So, if you have the space, you can lie down well on the sofa with a comfortable mattress. Or step out into a large bird nest with plush pillows.

Do you only have a small balcony or a mini garden? There are narrow hanging baskets, swings, rocking chairs or hammocks. The latter also convey this special feeling of relaxation in the park. Letting go, swinging in the sky and dreaming of better and calmer times.

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