Top 5 Tours in Cologne

Cologne’s most famous landmark is probably the cathedral, but there is much more to discover in the North Rhine-Westphalia city. On various tours you not only get to know many other sights of Cologne, but also learn about the traditional production of mustard, chocolate and Kölsch. TRAVELBOOK has suggestions for tours and activities in Cologne.

Top 5 Tours in Cologne

Guided tour of the Cologne Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral is 157 meters high and its Gothic style is probably the most impressive building in Cologne. The church is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and has one of the largest free-swinging bells in the world: the Petersglocke. Those who are not afraid of the 533 steps can climb the tower to the bell tower and viewing platform. There you have a breathtaking view of Cologne and the Rhine. Then descend again – and into the cathedral treasury.

Medieval clothing, relics, sculptures, and interesting tomb artifacts can all be seen on a guided tour of the treasury.

Admission to the cathedral treasury is 6 euros for adults, reduced by 3 euros. A combined ticket for the treasury and the ascent to the tower costs 8 euros, for a visit to the cathedral 10 euros, reduced 8 euros.

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Panoramic helicopter flights over Cologne

If Cologne Cathedral isn’t tall enough for you, you can also book a 20-minute helicopter flight over Cologne. The pilot flies over Cologne’s most famous sites and buildings. The route can also be customized. If you wish, you can, for example, see the football stadium from a bird’s eye perspective.

Panoramic helicopter flights depart from Bonn-Hangelar, the price is 159 euros per person.

Virtual reality tour

During the virtual reality tours, participants can take a journey through time and look back to the 19th century. Through the VR glasses you can see how squares and buildings have changed over time. In 90 minutes you can rediscover the sights of the historic center of Cologne.

On the special “Cologne 1926” tours, the journey takes you back to the 1920s. With the Tessa hatbox and the tram driver Pitter, participants can experience the spirit of optimism and joie de vivre of yesteryear.

Tickets for the virtual reality experience are available from EUR 12.50 per person.

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Cologne brewery tour

Guided tours in Cologne can make you thirsty. If you want to quench your thirst for beer, the best thing to do is stop at a brewery and taste the famous Kölsch there.

During the so-called brewery tours, participants try their hand at local beer specialties, toast each other and visit the city’s breweries together. You can also learn a lot of interesting facts about the different types of beer, how they are made and the culture of Cologne.

Tickets for the brewery tours cost from 19 euros including 5 Kölsch.

A visit to a Cologne brewery is a must for most tourists. If you want to get to know several at the same time, it is best to take part in a so-called brewery tour.Photo: picture alliance / online photo agency / Joko | Online photo agency / Joko

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Snack allowed! Visits to the Museum of Mustard and Chocolate

Mustard is one of the most popular spices in Germany, brought to Europe by the Roman statesman Gaius Julius Caesar. In the mustard museum you can learn a lot more about the origin of the spice and also its effect on the body.

The heart of the museum is the 200-year-old mustard mill. The museum also produces fruit spreads, jams and herbal liqueurs. If you like it sweeter, walk across the street and try the different types of chocolate in the chocolate museum.

Both Cologne museums offer tours where employees show how products are made and offer samples.

Tickets for a guided tour of the mustard museum cost 2.50 euros, a guided tour of the chocolate museum costs 4 euros.

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