City of Lucerne – Awarding of the Comic Scholarships of the Swiss German-Speaking Cities 2022

A total of 22 comic book authors applied for a grant from Swiss German-speaking cities. The three grants, each worth CHF 12,500, go to:

  • Julia Trachsel, Lucerne
  • Melanie Wigger, Bern
  • Claudio Naf, Lucerne

The works were judged by:

  • Sandra Frimmel, art historian, University of Zurich
  • Anne-Danielle Furrer, ANDAdessine, freelance cartoonist and illustrator
  • Julia Marti, Modern Edition
  • Christine Portmann, Head of the Finance Department of the City of Lucerne
  • Annette Schindler, President of the Comics Association, art historian

The jury justifies its award as follows:

Claudio Näf, Lucerne – “Everything will be fine”

Claudio Näf is an active and politically committed person in the comic scene and beyond. Claudio Näf advocates for queer rights and feminism in an intersectional and multimedia way, including both graphically and narratively in comics and in the character of LaMer as a play.

In the “Everything will go well” project, Claudio Näf presents a collection of anecdotal daily observations, thoughts and memories. The little stories have a particular atmosphere: seemingly harmless at first glance, there are always political elements between the lines

Size and big questions with. From a queer perspective and yet with potential for identification for non-queer people, Claudio Näf talks about identity, privileges, family, sexuality, love and a sense of time and reflects to readers questions about conventions and values.

The jury of the comedy bags of the German-speaking Swiss cities awards Claudio Näf for his experimental and stylistically diversified narration and drawing and for the skilful combination of private and political.

Julia Trachsel, Lucerne – “to die a little less”

The human is sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but often quite banal.

Julia Trachsel’s designs are resistance to perfectionism and flawlessness. They draw attention to daily life and the challenges associated with it. In the calm and apparent absence of events, Julia Trachsel finds the honest reasons for human existence.

His book project “A little less dying” tells the emotional world spread after a stroke of fate: the protagonist of the story becomes a direct witness to a fatal accident. In erratic snapshots, Julia Trachsel records the ensuing disorientation. The severity of the experience is complemented by uncontrolled flashbacks into the main character’s past. A complex individual is created who fully exploits the potential of identification. The persistent intrusion of everyday life becomes an absurd call to liveliness.

The jury awards the scholarship based on the depth of the content and the raw aesthetic of the touching project. The grant is intended to give Julia Trachsel time to devote herself full time to the project.

Melanie Wigger, Bern – “Vincent”

A theme that we would all like to remove from us, but which we cannot escape from.

In her project “Vincent”, Melanie Wigger tells the story of a friendship between two older men that is severely tested by dementia. Melanie Wigger draws her protagonists with love and with a harmonious stroke and equips them with humorous dialogues. She uses graphic means with precision to translate the subject: with her swirling brain, Melanie Wigger also spins the composition of the image, the changing mood is emphasized with the choice of color. By doing this, she allows for emotional immersion in her story of hers in a balanced blend of affection and dismay that makes you laugh in your throat.

The jury appreciates Melanie Wigger’s intense and persistent research work. She sees a promising development in composition and is struck by the empathy, commitment and passion with which a young woman engages in the subject of senile dementia.


The comics scholarship will be awarded on April 2, 2022 as part of the 30th edition of the Comic Comic Festival. The event starts at 19:00 in the Kleintheater in Lucerne.

In addition, the award winners personally present their work in a cinematic portrait (director: David Röthlisberger / concept: Comics / design: J / K).

Further information:

Claudio Naf: Work | Claudio Naf (

Julia Trachsel: Julia Trachsel – The wall of shame

Melanie Wigger: Melanie Carolin Wigger (

I notify

As every year, last year’s winners – Samira Belorf, Wanda Dufner, Simon Kiener – will exhibit their work in a satellite exhibition. This year in the Harlekin gallery in Löwengraben 14. On April 2, 2022 at 5 pm there will be a conference in the gallery.

Claudio Näf, “You will go swimming together”
Julia Trachsel
Julia Trachsel, Pure distraction from the comic “Die a little less”
Melanie Wigger
Melanie Wigger, double-page comic “Friendship and dementia”

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