Duisburg: Pupils should write a poem in “kanakisch”.


Duisburg: Bad accusations against high school: students should write a poem in “kanakisch”.


03/31/2022 at 10:15 pm

Why is the Marxloh district of Duisburg actually called Marxloh?

Why is the Marxloh district of Duisburg actually called Marxloh?

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Duisburg. What went wrong here?

Currently a Duisburg The focus is on the harmony of different cultures and on tolerance, because almost one in five citizens of the city has roots abroad. One might think that this diversity is also practiced in schools.

But what do the students of the Krupp-Gymnasium do Duisburg in the Rheinhausen district as a “test” in the classroom leaves you speechless. Because one of the exercises was to write a poem in “Kanakian”!

Duisburg: Serious accusations: high school students should write a poem in “kanakisch”.

The exercise sheet is available to DER WESTEN. You can read a poem entitled “Hansel and Gretel in Kanakisch”, which tries to satisfy all the stereotypes and prejudices against Turks and Germans of Turkish origin. Murat and Aische form Hansel and Gretel’s counterpart, instead of cake and sweets, the protagonists of the story have doner kebabs.


This is the city of Duisburg:

  • first written mention in 883
  • 5th largest city in NRW, consists of seven districts, has approximately 496,000 inhabitants (as of December 2020)
  • The port of Duisburg is the largest inland port in the world
  • almost a third of the pig iron produced in Germany comes from the eight blast furnaces in Duisburg
  • Attractions include: Duisburg-North Landscape Park, Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain, Six Lakes Plateau
  • The mayor is Sören Link (SPD)


The language: vulgar. Here are some phrases: “Hey shit, or what ?! Do you have a concrete plan where we are or what !? – No shit, but I can smell kebab!”

Also striking: Murat is misogynist, he and Aische are also remarkably stupid and don’t speak German. Does the high school then use racist educational content to teach students who later attend German universities and are considered the best actors in society? Does this not give young people a derogatory image of the Turks and other minorities?

Duisburg: The school refers to the Düsseldorf district government and distances itself from racism

DER WESTEN directly confronted the principal of the Krupp-Gymnasium. Director Benedikte Herrmann refers to the Düsseldorf district government, which would comment publicly on the learning content.

In the meantime, however, the school has published a general statement in which it distances itself from all forms of racism: “As in the past, so in the future, the Krupp-Gymnasium resists and lives the European values ​​of freedom and unity in diversity. For us, this also includes respectful interaction, a culture of positive error and the exchange of views among everyone in the school community. This is what we stand for! “

A district government spokesperson responded to our request. Explain the fact that this text was elaborated in the classroom as follows: “The parodically designed text was used in the German class for 9th grade pupils as additional material as part of the class series’ Thinking about language – use of language, change of language, linguistic criticism. “The topics of the series were Anglicisms, regional dialects, juvenile language as a sociolect and kiezdeutsch as an example of ethnolect. At the suggestion of the students, as an ethnolect, the formulations of the so-called ‘Kanak’ were also discussed , who found their way into the language of young people. In this context, the parody was read together in class “.


Other news from Duisburg:


And again: “The teacher and the school management regret that the text aroused resentment and irritation and was perceived as discriminatory. The school board disapproved of the use of the text. The text was not sufficiently questioned in advance regarding the possible effects, especially regarding the student body with a high percentage of families with a migrant background. The text is considered unsuitable for use in the classroom and will no longer be used in the future. The fact that the text was not perceived as a parody and not in the general context of the teaching unit contributed to the irritation ”. There will be no consequences for the teacher.

Duisburg: Integration Council president angry at school supervision – “The text is racist at best”

After all: the school supervisory board recognizes a mistake! For Hasan Tuncer (31) this version is not enough. He himself is of Turkish origin, is a Ruhrpottler through and through, and is also chairman of the integration council of the city of Mülheim. Tuncer to DER WESTEN: “This text is extremely racist and characterized by prejudices. While reading, I thought about ‘Erkan and Stefan’. Both imitate the jargon of young immigrants, although no one I know talks about it. The text accuses migrants of sexism and stupidity across the board ”.

And further: “Such stereotypical texts are racist and degrading because the word ‘Kanake’ is used in society to belittle Turks, Arabs or other young people and these population groups are not yet fully accepted. Here we encourage those who do not already accept. people of other origins. Schools should teach the opposite and show young people that language is essential and that you should be careful how you express things. The word kanake is always meant to humiliate people and call them foreigners. “


Other main topics:


It remains to be hoped that this text will no longer be used in the classroom. Especially in the interest of the many students with a migratory background.

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