Gelsenkirchen leads the sad ranking – “Striste scandal”


Gelsenkirchen: Bad Statistics Reveal Child Poverty – “Sad Scandal”

North Rhine-Westphalia: I bet you didn’t know these 5 facts about our federal state?

North Rhine-Westphalia: I bet you didn’t know these 5 facts about our federal state?

We’ve compiled five facts about the most populous federal state that you probably didn’t know about yet.

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Gelsenkirchen. Again and again this city. The former stronghold of the workers in the Ruhr area has now become the symbol of a failed structural change.

The new numbers from Gelsenkirchen are scary. In no other major city in Germany are there more children at risk of poverty than in Gelsenkirchen. This is the result of data from the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, on which the “WAZ” reported for the first time.

Gelsenkirchen at the top of a sad statistic

One in five children in Germany is at risk of poverty. This emerged in mid-March in a federal government response to a request from the Left Party.

However, the risk of poverty is not the same in all federal states. According to the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, the greatest danger is in Bremen. Here 42 per cent of children are at risk of poverty. The value in Gelsenkirchen is just as high, reports the “WAZ”.

According to this, about 23% of children are at risk of poverty across NRW. In Bavaria it is “only” about 12 percent.


Where is the current poverty line in Germany?

  • Those affected are those who have to make do with less than 60 percent of the average income of their country’s total population
  • Single: € 1,126
  • Single parents with a small child: 1,463 euros
  • Couple family with two small children: 2,364 euros


Gelsenkirchen occupies a sad first position: the poverty gap within the city

A poverty gap does not exist only between individual federal Länder. There are also different risks of poverty within cities, depending on where you live.

According to the “WAZ”, children have the lowest chances of participation especially in the following districts:

  • new city
  • western part of the Bulmke hulls
  • old City
  • North Schalke
  • Schalke East
  • Ückendorf-Nord
  • Rotthausen-West

You can read here at “WAZ” >>> where children have the greatest opportunities in Gelsenkirchen and why the numbers are criticized by experts as insufficient


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Gelsenkirchen: “Child poverty is a sad scandal in our rich country”

Given the extremely rising numbers and prices of energy and food, Dietmar Bartsch recently asked for an increase in family allowances to € 328.

“Child poverty is a sad scandal in our rich country,” said the chairman of the left-wing parliamentary group in the Bundestag and continued: “The poorest children need a poverty-proof basic child safety regime up to 630 euros “.

Special payments for poor families

The traffic light government also wants to introduce basic child safety. Until the bill is drafted, however, the poorest families should be relieved of emergency aid.

Based on this, children and young people from families dependent on social benefits should receive an extra € 20 per month starting in July. Overall, the supplement will benefit approximately 2.9 million people, including children of asylum seekers.

A one-time crown payment of 100 euros is also anchored in the latest law introduced in July. It should go to adults receiving social benefits. It aims to offset the special burdens of the pandemic, for example by purchasing FFP2 masks.

The traffic light announces aid for citizens

The federal government has also announced further aid due to high energy and fuel prices, which should benefit even the poorest households. More on this here >>> (aka con dpa / AFP)

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