Josef-Hebting school in Vöhrenbach: the media development plan paves the way for the digital age – Furtwangen and surroundings

Josef Hebting School students must be equipped with modern laptops. (symbol photo). Photo: © gpointstudio –

Josef Hebting School is making great strides in the digital age. The time for this seems opportune. The advice gets along.

Vöhrenbach – The media development plan for the Josef Hebting school was approved and decided by the city council of Vöhrenbach. In this detailed work, it is clearly formulated and established how modern media will be used effectively in the Vöhrenbach school in the future and how related knowledge will be passed on to students.

This media development plan is the prerequisite for the promotion of media technology with the so-called digital pact. For this purpose, a budget of 48,200 euros is available for the Vöhrenbach school. The school board must obtain additional funding of at least 20%. In addition, there are other funding programs for the expansion of digital and media technology in schools, for which corresponding objectives must also be submitted.

Ideal conditions

In Vöhrenbach, conditions are indeed ideal, as the complete refurbishment of the school means that many areas, such as the cabling for modern media, still need to be completely renovated. However, classes will also receive new whiteboards. This budget for regular whiteboards can now also be used to install modern electronic whiteboards.

The media development plan was presented by dean Tim Lutz and Klaus Kuhnt of the district media center, who was involved in the development of the plan and will always be available to the school as a contact for new media in the future.

Mobile unit with laptop instead of computer room

There were three problems in developing the plan. First, the current framework conditions. And these are very good thanks to the renovation, as the current planning can be taken into account here. There will not be a computer room at the school, but a mobile unit with modern laptops for each student. Two of these units must be provided so that two classes can work directly on the computer. Structured cabling and last but not least WLAN with access points in all classrooms in the school are also crucial.

teacher training

As a result, the second question arose about how to imagine the practical use of modern media. It starts with an interactive whiteboard system to which the teacher and, if necessary, the students have direct access. Regular continuing teacher training is also very important. And last but not least, in the pedagogical framework, it is important to convey to students both the benefits and the dangers of modern media technology. This should now be implemented in stages as soon as possible.

Connection to the broadband network 2024

The school’s connection to the broadband network, currently calculated for 2024, is very important. The media development plan must be presented in the next few days, the deadline for submission is 30 April. The city can then apply for funding.

Other issues were addressed, such as the provision of new equipment and teacher training. Because, as Klaus Kuhn of the district media center made clear, these are also great steps for teachers, which need to be implemented gradually accordingly, including through training and support. Here, as Klaus Kuhn explained when asked by the city council, the school received a multimedia consultant and a network consultant from the ranks of teachers. There is further support from the Ministry, especially in the area of ​​elementary schools. In addition, a corresponding contract must be concluded with a service provider for the care and maintenance of the devices.

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