Las Vegas Grand Prix: Layout of the new F1 track

Las Vegas earns a spot on the F1 racing calendar in 2023. The course takes place on a 6.12 kilometer street circuit right in the center of the gambling metropolis. On the famous track, a straight over two kilometers long is under construction, on which cars are expected to reach 342 km / h. We have the first information.

Formula 1 is booming in America. Miami, the second American race together with Austin, is already on the calendar this season. 2023 will be followed directly again. As has long been rumored, Las Vegas has successfully applied the rights holders of Liberty Media as the home of the Grand Prix circus.

Those in charge promise a superlative racing event. The course is guided on a 6.12-kilometer street circuit that takes drivers past the famous Las Vegas Boulevard hotel complexes, the so-called “Strip”. The spectacular layout in player’s paradise includes 14 corners.

It is already clear that the race will produce unique images as the cars pass the water fountains of the “Bellagio”, the Eiffel Tower in “Paris”, the lagoon at the “Ventian” or the pirate ship at the “Treasure Island”. The spherical “Sphere” event hall, which resembles a luminous globe thanks to millions of LEDs, will also be part of the layout of the course after its completion in 2023.


The official logo of the Las Vegas Grand Prix featuring some of the city’s landmarks.

Two kilometers straight on the Strip

However, the riders will not have an eye for attractions along the way. The stretch of the Strip simply consists of a straight line, which according to initial calculations should be well over two kilometers long. The first simulations determined a top speed of 342 km / h at the end of the full-throttle section.

A course with fast corners and a tighter combination of chicanes is also included in the varied course program. The race should have a total of 50 laps, which is a total distance of 306 kilometers. The departure, of course, is after dark to take advantage of the neon lights of Las Vegas.

However, that show created a problem with fans on our side of the Atlantic. In the case of a night race on Sunday evening, spectators in Europe would have received Formula 1 only on Monday morning television, and therefore practically shortly before the start of the works. So the local race will not start as usual on Sunday, but on Saturday evening.

Red Bull Showrun Las Vegas - Formula 1

Red Bull

Max Verstappen was already on the Strip with a Formula 1 driver for a Red Bull show in 2018.

The Las Vegas GP strengthens the growing US F1 market

The exact date of the F1 mega event has not yet been officially determined. That’s right: it should be a Saturday in November 2023. So temperatures in the desert city are no longer as extreme as in the hot summer months. According to some rumors, the organizers could choose the weekend of “Thanksgiving”. The race would then take place on 25 November.

F1 boss Stefano Domenicali is already waiting for the show: “This is an incredible moment for Formula 1. The third race in the United States shows the great fascination and growth of our sport. Las Vegas is world famous for its hospitality, thrills and of course the famous Strip. There is no better place for a Formula 1 race than the entertainment capital of the world. We can’t wait to get there next year. “

Incidentally, the Formula 1 race in Las Vegas 2023, strictly speaking, is not a first, but a return appearance. The premier class was a guest in gambling paradise in 1981 and 1982. However, the route at the time in the parking lot behind the Caesars Palace Hotel cannot be compared to the new route. At that time it was twice the last race of the season, in which a new world champion was crowned.

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