Movie Park Germany invests generously in in-park infrastructure and offers suitable for families

Image: Movie Park Bottrop.

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New scenery, new props and even more blockbuster sensations: Movie Park Germany is redesigning its film set for the 2022 season in detail! To this end, Germany’s largest cinema and leisure park is investing heavily in the expansion of its internal infrastructure, the overall appearance of the park and is constantly pursuing its quality strategy.

The lavishly designed “Gate 1” store, which integrates the “Movie Park Studio Tour” roller coaster experience with merchandise and food offerings, is now the center of attention. A new game world for the “Santa Monica Pier” theme area, more guest shading and digital wait time displays are also on this year’s production schedule. In order for Hollywood in Germany to sound even better, a new sound system and 250 new speakers have been added throughout the park, guaranteeing cinematic sound. This season, the park team is also hoping for a major change of scenery: the popular acrobatic show “Crazy Cops New York” and attractions that have been closed in the past two years due to the pandemic await their action-packed return. From March 25th at 10am Hollywood in Germany will once again open its doors to all visitors.

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“After the opening of our new main attraction ‘Movie Park Studio Tour’ last year, we are now focusing more on upgrading the park and its infrastructure before and during the 2022 season,” says managing director Thorsten Backhaus. “Not only do we invest in new offers and the general appearance of the park, but we also respond specifically to the wishes of our guests and address topics that play an important role in their stay.”

🎬 Shopping tour after roller coaster ride: the new “Gate 1” shop opened.

The successful experience around the “Movie Park Studio Tour” family roller coaster, which opened last year for the park’s 25th anniversary, will be further expanded. The new “Gate 1” store allows guests to immerse themselves even more closely in the world of film studios. In addition to souvenir items for the park and the new Multi Dimension Coaster, Dunkin ‘Donuts specialties are also offered here, which sweeten guests’ break from filming in Hollywood Germany and can be eaten on the adjacent outdoor terrace. “Gate 1” will be automatically accessible via the exits of the “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest” water attraction and the “Movie Park Studio Tour” and will further merge the “The Hollywood Studio Set” themed area.

The Movie Park Germany production crew is also currently working on strong thematic collaborations, such as with the well-known YouTube channel “Ride Review”. The official “Movie Park Studio Tour” soundtrack, composed by IMAscore, and a special vinyl LP will also be available in “Gate 1” during the season.

🎬 Hollywood sounds even better now: the site’s new sound system throughout the park

Of course, a true Hollywood blockbuster also thrives on a good soundtrack and music! With a completely new site sound system, also used in world famous parks such as Disneyland Paris and Universal Studios, Movie Park aims to create a more immersive overall experience in the individual themed worlds and, thanks to the latest technology, accompany them with music of cinematic quality. The audio transmission is completely digital. A total of 250 state-of-the-art color matched speakers will be installed.

🎬 Action-packed return: “Crazy Cops New York” acrobatic show, “The Lost Temple”, “Time Riders” and “Roxy 4-D” cinema

After two years of the corona pandemic, Movie Park is planning a major scene change this season: “Roxy 4-D”, “The Lost Temple” and “Time Riders” cinemas will be put back into operation – if the current one. Crown rules allow for this and the “Crazy Cops New York” stunt show is also expected to return to the daily schedule. The popular Folco team is even returning from Italy with a current world record and in the 2022 season will guarantee squeaky tires, spectacular stunts and explosive scenes. Last year in Milan, the stunt crew set a world record for the fastest tire change on a car with two tires, one of many scenes that will also be featured in this year’s show.

More actions are also planned for the future: The Movie Park creative team is already working on a new concept for the plot and set for the 2023 season. The park is currently conducting a detailed investigation and market research to address in specifically the ideas of his guests.

🎬 New production for the green screen: Movie Park builds twelve electronic charging points

Movie Park Germany is also increasingly active in the area of ​​climate protection and sustainability in the 2022 season. Before the start of the season, twelve new electronic charging stations for guests will be put into operation in front of the main entrance. Each charging point has a power of 22 kW. An average electric car with a 40 kWh battery charges fully in 2-2.5 hours. Information on the terms of use will be available shortly on the park’s website.

🎬 More Children’s Cinematic Experiences: New Play World at Santa Monica Pier

Action scenes aren’t just for adults. Therefore, during the 2022 season, a huge new world of play for children will be built on the Santa Monica Pier. To this end, the former “Little Harbor” will give way in favor of a completely new variant. In collaboration with the manufacturer Badger, the number one for sustainable and safe playground equipment, a specially designed Baywatch Tower with a slide for Movie Park, based on California beaches, is under construction. Matching themed play equipment is added, such as a large climbing fish and trampolines. A special highlight is the integrated water playground.

🎬 For a peaceful day of shooting: digital waiting time display

Even Hollywood stars and VIP guests sometimes have to wait. For a better daily routine and so that waiting times can be organized as clearly as possible, Movie Park Germany sets up digital displays of waiting times in the park throughout the season, thus fulfilling a long-cherished wish of its guests.

🎬 Expansion of the gastronomic offer: Coca-Cola Freestyle stations in the park and new department manager

From Lanxess Arena to Hollywood in Germany: Just before this season, Movie Park welcomed its new Food & Beverage Director, Sven Hoter. With him and his many years of experience, the gastronomic area of ​​the park will be further developed and new offers created in the future.

As one of the new highlights of the product portfolio, Movie Park Germany and its longtime partner Coca-Cola set up three freestyle stations within the park at the very beginning of the season. Here guests can mix their own drinks with different flavors. If you want to get a taste of Hollywood right away, you can also choose the “Marilyn’s Pinky Punch” or “Sam’s Sweet Secret” variants created especially for Movie Park.

🎬 On-set break updates: sunscreen, sanitary ware, benches

During the season, projects suspended due to Corona will be able to be addressed again. Among other things, the first sanitary systems are renovated and redesigned. A total of 50 new themed benches are also planned for the break-in of the shooting on the set. To provide extra protection from the sun, some frequently used parking areas are shaded.

🎬 Extended cut of the 2022 season: extended opening hours, plus Halloween

In the 2022 season, there is even more cinematic fun on the agenda. Movie Park is not only expanding its opening days into September, but it’s also getting its guests’ heart racing with four days of additional Halloween events. For those who are afraid of the dark, the Halloween Horror Festival starts already on September 24th and ends on November 13th. Out of a total of 27 days of events, the darkest hour of the year impressed visitors. Horrorwood Studios opens its doors longer than ever!

Detailed information on opening hours and all applicable Covid-19 regulations for a visit to the park are available on the website

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