Ravensburger Spieleland Innovations 2022 – Here’s what awaits you!

There are also a number of new features to discover next season. But in this article we would like to give you an understanding of what exactly it will be. Let’s take a look at Ravensburger Spieleland news for 2022!

This year we have some exciting Ravensburger Spieleland innovations for 2022. The family park on Lake Constance plans to publish one or the other novelty every week. The SAMi reading world and the game’s photo box are the beginning.

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SAMi reading box and photo box games new 2022

In SAMi’s world of reading, families experience the little reading bear in action. SAMi makes reading aloud an experience: she reads the story and stimulates the children’s imagination with music, noises and a lot of atmosphere. Children can immerse themselves in the world of picture books and experience the stories at their own pace. Just plug it into the book and the polar bear will read the story to you as you flip through the book and look at the illustrations. Relax, listen to SAMi, and enjoy reading before continuing with over 70 other activities.

If you want to immortalize your day at Ravensburger Spieleland in a special way, the box with photos of the game is the right place for you. Various Ravensburger classics such as Lotti Karotti and Kakerlakak invite visitors of all ages to take individual snapshots. Various photo backgrounds bring children’s bedroom games to life. You feel like you are part of the game yourself.

The “OMIRA milk barn” allows children to discover the theme of milk in a playful way

With the “OMIRA barn”, the Ravensburger Spieleland has announced another novelty for the 2022 season. On 200 square meters, children learn many interesting details about milk in a playful way. You can help milk the cows, a game to milk more milk in no time. Who wants to feel like a milk tanker driver? He can first get on the XXL milk truck on the climbing nets and then sit in the driver’s cab.

Two classic Ravensburger games in XXL can be played in a large milk can with memory and a sliding puzzle. In the farm shop, young visitors can become sellers themselves. In the RPG, milk and other products can be sold in a typical farm shop. And if you still have some strength, you can climb the boulder wall to the top. This gives you a perfect overview of the whole “OMIRA barn”.

We are very pleased to welcome OMIRA, another regional cooperation partner, to the Ravensburger Spieleland. Together we can playfully convey knowledge to young and old guests in the milk barn. This is a nice addition to our previous attractions in the “Green Oasis” themed area.

Siglinde Nowak, CEO of Ravensburger Spieleland

The OMIRA milk stable is one of Ravensburger Spieleland's innovations for 2022
This is what the “OMIRA milk granary” will look like. © Ravensburger Spieleland

Move smart! with Felix Neureuther

Also new this year is “Move smart! with Felix Neureuther “. Smart training modules and other accessories offer playful movement exercises for children from 3 years of age, which activate the head and body at the same time. Move smart! is the motto of the Felix Neureuther movement initiative Foundation, for which Ravensburger and the former German skier work together.

An example of the combination of physical and mental performance is the snowboarder. The balance board simulates standing on a snowboard. Children can see the typical snowboarder positions on this playground equipment, which promotes physical awareness in a special way. The colored LEDs indicate which symbol is to be executed as a position. The cognitive task is to find the symbol and perform the appropriate pose as quickly as possible.

Another unusual form of training is the “hot wire”. A confident instinct is required here when the ring is guided around the wire without touching it. To increase the level of difficulty a little, a mobile balancing course can be set up in front of the module for older children. In addition to concentration, manual skills, fine motor skills and, above all, steady nerves are encouraged.

Other Ravensburger Spieleland innovations have already been announced for 2022

These are the innovations announced so far for the Ravensburger Spieleland. The amusement park will announce more news in the coming weeks. So that you are well informed, we will expand and update this article accordingly.

But what do you think of the previous Ravensburger Spieleland novelties? Are you satisfied or would you like something different? Write us your opinion in the comments! We can’t wait to exchange ideas with you!

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