Reporter to Lanz: “In Germany there is no will to do without it”

TV column “Markus Lanz”: “Don’t make a summer embargo”: journalist asks for bans on circulation instead of energy boycott

Hamburg Mayor Tschentscher sees Germany’s prosperity at risk due to a gas embargo. Eastern European expert Klein notes the danger of a progressive militarization of Russian foreign policy and Taz writer Anna Lehmann criticizes the federal government “covering everything up with money”

Markus Lanz looks at his fact sheet and says that Vladimir Putin received 2.7 billion from the EU for energy supplies during the war. The moderator then calls for a boycott of Russian energy. He thinks this is the most important issue to which everything can be reduced: the total embargo of oil, gas and coal against Russia so that the war can finally end! Peter Tschentscher is the mayor of Hamburg and also a politician of the SPD.

Lanz chose him to defend government policy. “We don’t help anyone if we cause hardship and misery in Germany,” says Tschentscher. He understands the outrage of the Ukrainian president, who is under “the incredible terror of Russia”. But the argument that energy exports should also be limited does not convince him.

Mayor Tschentscher fears significant production failures

“Putin gets the money,” said Mayor Tschentscher. “But the money cannot be used.” Because Putin cannot get there. A boycott would therefore harm Germany more than Russia. “We have a strong addiction. In Hamburg we will immediately notice an embargo in the sector ”. As the industry requires a lot of energy, an energy ban would result in significant production failures.

“It’s okay to become independent, but without an economic disaster.” You also need to consider that you will need a lot of money in the future. The additional 100 billion euros, which the government says helps to better equip the military, must come from somewhere. “The federal government’s basic strategy is right,” Tschentscher says. “In any case, measures like a speed limit of 130 do not impress Putin at all.”

The editor of “Taz” Anna Lehmann calls for a ban on driving on Sundays and the duty of office at home

“You don’t make a summer embargo either. Either you do it well or you don’t do it at all,” says Anna Lehmann. Rather, the head of the “taz” parliamentary office wonders who actually analyzed whether we were actually hurting ourselves more than the Russians with an energy boycott. “There are no scientific studies. You can only rely on calculations.”

In any case, it would be good to encourage people to do without. These include, for example, the ban on driving on Sundays or the obligation to work from home to save on heating costs for office buildings. “Germany lacks the will to do without and the federal government is pouring money on everything.” And further: “The resulting impression is that we are more concerned with our social security than with the security of Ukraine”.

Eastern Europe expert Klein: “Ukraine will be bombed decades back”

It is the 34th day of the war in Ukraine. Eastern European expert Margarete Klein tries to analyze the current situation. “The Russian advance has stalled and the war is becoming more and more brutal.” Putin also specifically bombed military posts and civilian infrastructure. His goal is to spread terror, increase pressure on the government and bomb Ukraine decades ago.

Margarete Klein also explains that Putin is counting on unbridled Chechen fighting troops because their losses are not included in the Russian army death lists. Putin’s National Guard also deployed. The troops, which are actually supposed to provide security inside Russia, are supposed to protect the conquered Ukrainian cities.

Margarete Klein’s scenarios for a Putin fall

Markus Lanz asks the decisive question: “How can the war be ended?” The expert Klein considers two scenarios possible in principle: civil pressure and the protests of elite circles. “The social pressure is very repressed at the moment. The screw of repression has been massively overturned further ”.

This means: Western media sources have been closed and there is no longer a single independent media body in Russia. The probability of the second option is also quite low. “The elite go away or are grounded. But we don’t know how things will develop “. The current problem is that the embargo has meant that Russians can no longer pay foreign service providers for VPN access. Western media are hardly received anymore.

The expert Klein: “Biden’s sentence changes nothing”.

US President Joe Biden recently said in a speech in Poland that a man like Putin cannot remain in power. Markus Lanz wants to know if such a ruling would no longer be an obstacle to the pacification of the situation. Expert Margarete Klein has a clear opinion. “The Russian government has assumed for years that the West wants a change of government.

The sentence changes nothing ». It is also a fact that the loss of faith in Putin is so great that one can no longer engage in politics with him. “It is not possible to continue with Putin.” If Putin wins the war, the trend towards militarization of foreign policy will be fixed. And NATO would then be made up of two parts: the safe western part and the insecure eastern part.

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