Rheinfelden: The future of schools in the Rheinfelden districts is in question

How will the development of elementary schools on the Dinkelberg continue? The Main Committee has addressed this issue. However, the latest meeting marked only the beginning of a broad process that will keep the administration and political bodies busy for a long time to come. Because in addition to the different variants developed by the Concept K specialist office, the Aichsel city council has also developed its own idea to save the school location.

This is it

On behalf of the city of Rheinfelden, the specialist agency Concept K examined all schools for their future feasibility. It turned out that there is still a considerable need for information on the Dinkelberg with Minsel and the Eichsel branch. The resistance of the Eichsler population to a possible closure of their school was also significant. This is in the room because Aichsel is actually too small, while the Minseln school still has capacity. A large kindergarten could also be built in Eichsel instead of the school, because the need for childcare places is greater on the Dinkelberg.

This has been studied

The specialist office hires 58 students from Eichsel and Adelhausen for the year 2027 and 102 students from Minseln. This means that there would be three small classes in Eichsel and four or five in Minsel. If the total number went to a school, between six and eight classes would have to be accommodated. With such a small base amount, according to speaker Barbara Koller, the fluctuations are particularly important. This means that in years with strong cohorts, larger classes have to be formed and likewise in weaker cohorts smaller classes have to be formed. The lower limit for class formation is 16 students, the upper limit is 28.

The Minsel school building could be converted and extended to create a two-lane elementary school.

The Minseln school building could be converted and extended to create a two-level primary school. | Image: Petra Wunderle

The survey for Eichsel showed that the school could continue to function well as a branch with only two classrooms. To this end, the building would be completely refurbished, the teachers and administration room on the ground floor would be converted and one classroom would be converted into a health and group classroom. The costs are around 1.4 million euros, but this estimate is from 2020. “We have to deal with an increase of up to 20 percent.” Aichsel upgrade for three classes would cost 1.6 million euros. Since the upper floor cannot be used as a classroom due to the low ceiling height, in this variant the administration and teaching wing would move upwards. Not ideal, but feasible, according to the office. The third variant requires the upper floor to be used as a classroom at the end. But then a second escape route would have to be built. Also, the spiral stairwell is too small to convert to meet the requirements. At nearly two million euros for this variant, the expense would be too high, says Koller.

The office also developed three variants for Minsel. With four classes, the effort would be manageable. The upper floor, which currently houses a rented apartment, would not be shared. With various renovations as well as the amalgamation and expansion of the teaching and administrative classrooms, the costs amount to almost 700,000 euros. If you included the upper floor, six classrooms could be accommodated. Upstairs, various group and multifunctional rooms would be created, as even here the ceiling height is not enough for classrooms. If Minsel were to be expanded into a two-tier elementary school with eight classes, the entire upper floor should be included and special permission should be granted to use it as a classroom. Cost factor: € 2.2 million.

In this case the acorn may be closed. Koller was reluctant to make a clear assessment that evening – but in the written analysis the Office recommends this variant, even from a pedagogical point of view. Due to the size, the teaching staff could collaborate better and more offers could be created for students. Cross-lectures, such as those held in Eichsel, could also be avoided. Should Acorn remain, the brother recommends the two-class variant. Students from Adelhausen could then go to Minseln, the journey would be more or less the same, there is also a bus connection there.

This is what the committee says

As this was only a first service on the main committee, members were still reluctant to make evaluations. However, it was criticized that the specialist office did not examine the upper floors, but only resorted to floor plans. The fact that the speaker was not in person at the meeting, but was connected digitally due to corona disease, was also not well received. Because the transmission quality was not good and Koller could be told it was broken.

This is how things are

For Mayor Klaus Eberhardt it is clear “that we have to relive all this”. Because in addition to the new variant that the municipal administration has introduced, the building management is also working on another solution, which consists of a new building next to the Minsel school building. “Finance, construction and education”, according to the mayor, are the central issues on which we now need to work. This must be done in workshops involving parents, teachers and districts. These were scheduled for mid-April, but are now expected to take place in mid-May. A key decision in the city council is expected in July. Given the complexity of the decisions, however, it is doubtful that this ambitious program can be respected.

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