Rossini Festival and the school: There is a lot to tell in the Bad Wildbad city council – Bad Wildbad and surroundings

The school complex on Höfener Straße in Calmbach is undergoing renovations Source: unknown

In the last session of the Bad Wildbad municipal council there was a controversial discussion on the two items on the agenda: “Final report of the opera and music festival› Rossini in Wildbad ‹for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021” and “General restructuring and the expansion of the Cinque Valli School “. Calmbach.

Bad Wildbad – The latter involved the award of construction services, in particular for demolition work, the installation of elevators, fire doors, reinforced concrete works with general carpentry, as well as carpentry and construction works Wood. The price comparisons drawn up for the tenders have already been discussed in advance in the Administrative, Social and Tourism Commission (VST). The leader of the FWV / FDP parliamentary group Rita Locher spoke of a dilemma: “On the one hand we want to invest in sustainable infrastructure and education, on the other hand there are already additional costs of 750,000 euros and the timetable must be respected. We do not know if the pending tenders compensate because no alternatives have been shown to us, we as a parliamentary group cannot be satisfied “, complained Locher and appealed for the support of the specialized offices on further decision-making bases. “Construction projects are more expensive than originally planned and the grants are not higher, which is why the additional costs have to be borne by the budget. We lack early discussion and involvement, as well as continuous updating of project costs such as attachment to each other’s consultations. This is the only way to do it together Develop solutions, especially when offers get out of hand due to the current brutal framework conditions, “he explained.

Just an offer

City councilor Andreas Wacker was also offended, even though he described the project as “well presented”. Since only one offer had been received for the reinforced concrete, he could not understand why they did not seek an interview with the supplier to find out how an offer of 209 percent against the cost calculation could arise. “As a private person, I wouldn’t accept that. We should be more critical overall,” he stressed.

City foreman Volkhard Leetz pointed out that the construction price index has risen disproportionately by 30 percent over the past two years and that this has been taken into account in a corresponding forecast in the architect’s project report. Furthermore, the administration cannot and must not influence the preparation of the offer via the digital procurement manager and cannot influence the prices at a later time, explained the foreman of the city. From his point of view, an improvement in the supply situation cannot be expected if the trade is again put up for tender. “Skyrocketing prices are not a Wildbad specific problem,” city councilor Ursula Jahn-Zöhrens tried to put things in perspective and emphasized the special nature of the historic school building.

This compares to 224 percent

For fire doors, at the suggestion of the management, the advertised double function of automatic door opening and sealing is waived, which means further organizational work for the keeper, but a reduction in the hammer price of approximately 31,700 euros. According to the model, the only offer for carpentry and joinery work is around 91,450 euros, or 224 percent of the cost calculation, justified by the increase in the price of construction wood. However, due to a new fire protection concept, the ceiling cladding can be dispensed with here, reducing the order amount to around 56,000 euros. Since it is still necessary to intervene in terms of fire protection and a second escape route for the school building, the councilors present finally unanimously voted to entrust the professions described to the companies mentioned.

“Rossini in Wildbad”

The city councilors were able to find detailed information on the course and the final accounts of the “Rossini in Wildbad” festival from 2019 to 2021 in the numerous attachments to the meeting card. Also that evening was director Jochen Schönleber, who in his review spoke of three “busy and demanding years of festivals”, the last two marked by the crown pandemic. “After a successful season in 2019, the upcoming festival had to be canceled in April 2020 due to the blockade. As a replacement, a digital festival was held in July with select videos that have been seen all over the world. an open-air mini-festival in September with reduced numbers Revenue due to limited seating capacity, “Schönleber reported. Presales for outdoor performances, also scheduled for 2021, have recently been very slow due to the still uncertain pandemic situation and then a period of bad weather has also ruined the popularity and therefore the budget, he continued. Larger grants could be generated through the state emergency aid fund and federal special fund.

Donation from the Circle of Friends

Interim Mayor Jochen Borg emphasized the festival’s position as a trademark of the city. The city budget for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 each indicated 135,000 euros as a grant requirement. According to Schönleber’s final accounts, in 2019 it increased by a total of € 16,921.38 despite an additional municipal subsidy of € 3,000 and in 2020 for the reduction of the municipal subsidy of € 55,000 and after booking a donation from the circle of friends “Rossini. “in Wildbad” for an amount of 30,000 euros exceeded by a total of 12,215.07 euros. In 2021 the subsidy requirement was cut by 370.17 euros thanks to state subsidies. The administration proposes to compensate the funds of 80,000 euros not released in 2020 with the existing shortages from 2019 and 2020 and an exceptional deficit of 2119.16 euros from 2017.

The same applies to the additional funds made available for an amount of 3,000 euros (2019) and 20,000 euros (in 2021). However, the residual amount should not be carried forward to subsequent years as a profit carried forward.

Warning against further experiments

According to Borg, the proposed resolution, discussed and formulated in advance in the VST commission, means that the new mayor Marco Gauger will start the new Rossini year with a black zero. “The Rossini Festival has existed for 30 years. The cuisine is always of a high standard, but the bills are not easy foods and cause digestive problems,” said city councilor Rita Locher, describing the situation from her point of view. You suggested investigating the causes of the problems in more detail. However, you will accept accounting, which is difficult to understand in its complexity. The city “came out with a black eye” for Jürgen Shrimp. The SPD city council assured that its parliamentary group would approve the motion for a resolution, but warned Schönleber against further experiments, even though his decisions at the time were very courageous. However, CDU city councilor Rainer Weiss was skeptical that anything would change for the better financially. “Everything would have been much worse if the additional subsidies had not been paid. It does not match the spirit of the employment contract to create financial compensation for a canceled festival,” Weiss said.

clear majority

With two votes against (Weiss and colleague Claudia Becht), the city council finally supported the motion for a resolution on Schönleber’s final accounts with a clear majority. The manager thanked the board for the support. “I very much hope that the situation with the ensemble-related crown failures will calm down by the summer. We have already submitted another grant application from the special fund,” he informed him. It is important that the works can now take place again in the usual covered places. As a special outdoor event, Schönleber would like to organize a concert in the forest on the Sommerberg at the upcoming festival from 15 to 24 July, this time with the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” for the whole family.

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