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Apparently, Germany and other European contracting partners can continue to pay for gas from Russia in euros or dollars. This was reported by Russian President Putin. In principle, Germany is willing to provide security guarantees to Ukraine. The news at a glance.

“It remains the case that the G7 agreement applies,” federal government spokesman Hebestreit said Wednesday evening in Berlin. In a phone call with Chancellor Scholz, Putin explained that from April 1 a law will come into force according to which gas deliveries must be paid in rubles. For Germany and other EU customers, however, nothing would change: payments would continue to be made exclusively in euros and, as usual, would be transferred to Gazprom Bank, which is not affected by the sanctions. The bank then converts the money into rubles. Scholz did not consent to this procedure and requested written information about it.

AUDIO: Comment on energy supply: longer operation of the nuclear power plant is required (2 min)

First level alert of the gas emergency plan activated

Federal Minister of Economics Habeck (Verdi) had previously due to the imminent deterioration of the supply situation The early warning level of the so-called gas emergency plan has been activated. Gas consumers are called upon to reduce consumption as much as possible.

In a phone call from Scholz to Ukrainian President Selenskyj, possible security guarantees were discussed. The chancellor has expressed his general willingness to do so, according to government spokesman Hebestreit, but there have not been any concrete commitments yet. However, it is clear that this would only be possible after the country signs a peace agreement with Russia. Negotiations between the two war opponents will continue online on Friday, the Ukrainian side said. The Russian defense ministry announced a ceasefire in the port of Mariupol in southern Ukraine on Thursday.

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Help for people in Ukraine:

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According to available reports, there is no relief in sight in Ukraine. The attacks continued. There is little hope of a solution through negotiations. 3 minutes

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