STERNTALER adventure exhibition starts at Schloss & Park Lichtenwalde near Chemnitz, Augustusburg / Scharfenstein / Lichtenwalde Schlossbetriebe gGmbH, press release

In the new STERNTALER experience exhibition in Lichtenwalde castle and park from 1 April 2022, the story of fairy tale illustration will be expanded to include the artistic component of so-called moving images in augmented reality (AR). The artists re-illustrated various classic fairy tales, which are presented for the first time in the SERNTALER exhibition. 40 illustrations can be seen, brought to life by visitors to the exhibition using their mobile phones or tablets.

“This is a world first. I want all generations, including young people and families, to be enthusiastic about our cultural heritage of fairy tales “, says Patrizia Meyn, managing director of Augustusburg / Scharfenstein / Lichtenwalde-Schlossbetriebe gGmbH. Fairy tales have been known to many people since childhood. through reading, picture books, films and cartoons. “We took this tradition back, developed it further and carried it into the 21st century,” says Meyn.

In STERNTALER, exhibition visitors become heroes or heroines themselves in the fairytale-like castle of Lichtenwalde. Immerse yourself in fairytale and adventurous, enchanted and magical worlds. With augmented reality (AR) they become their star. In the exhibition, Frau Holle’s snow drips on the astonished face of the visitor, the Puss in Boots meets him and fights with him. If you want, you can climb Rapunzel’s tower. Your drawing skills bring a fish to life and make it swim in an underwater world. The exhibit offers the perfect photo, tiktok and reel sets for social media, friends or family album.

ASL Schlossbetriebe gGmbH continues its concept of interactive experience exhibits. For the first time, Lichtenwalde castle and park merge into a single setting. Patrizia Meyn, organizer of the exhibition, has set up adventure areas, projected fairytale worlds, practical dioramas and historical illustrations from centuries in the castle and park of Lichtenwalde.

Fairytale illustrations are now widespread all over the world and are constantly reinterpreted by many artists. The stories for children and families of the Brothers Grimm are, together with Luther’s Bible, the best known and most widely distributed book in the German language. The tales of Grimm’s children and families also represent the first systematic summary and scientific documentation of German fairy tales that have been passed down orally.

When the Berlin-based publisher Reimer published the first volume of fairy tales for children and families in December 1812, it was not yet foreseeable how important an important day for the education of children would be the collection of the Brothers Grimm. Over the centuries the illustration has continued to develop with the various printing techniques. So it wasn’t until the early 19th century that fairy tales actually hit school maturity. Only the invention of stone printing (lithography) by Alois Steinfelder (1771-1834) made it possible to produce large format images in an economically justifiable way. These images could be used as scoreboards in school lessons. The exhibition displays illustrations of fairy tales from various publishers over the centuries.

An extensive accompanying program with virtual reality (VR) game events, artist workshops, STERNTALER Days, museum educational offers and numerous holiday offers invite you to visit Lichtenwalde until February 26, 2023.

STERTALER exhibits 100 exhibitions, including:

  • 40 illustrated fairy tales that come to life using augmented reality (AR) with a mobile phone or tablet
  • audiovisual projection of the “King Frog”
  • 4 worlds of experience in Touch & Feel
  • 20 sets for indoor / outdoor photos, tiktoks, reels and stories
  • 10 fairy tales in practical dioramas
  • Story Toys-Time – Play interactive fairy tale stories yourself via the app
  • 25 interesting illustrations and facts about the German cultural heritage of fairy tales

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