War in Ukraine: this is how Germany could arm itself against air strikes

Russian missiles hit Ukraine and could also reach Germany. The Bundeswehr wants to buy a defense system and is looking around in Israel.

Putin’s missiles hit targets in large numbers every day Ukraine, killing people and devastating cities. Many German politicians have now realized with horror what defense experts have been warning for years: Russian missiles, at worst with nuclear warheads, could also hit Hamburg. Monk or meet in Berlin. Since the beginning of 2018, Iskander missiles are even inside of Russia stationed in the western outpost of Kaliningrad he would reach German territory in minutes.

Germany would be completely defenseless against such an attack. Now it should change: the federal government is looking into purchasing a defense system Israel. Federal Chancellor confirmed Olaf Scholz (SPD) Sunday evening in ARD-Transmission Anne Will. “I can tell you, this is definitely one of the things we recommend – and for good reason,” she said.

This photo released by the Ukrainian Civil Protection Agency shows a fire in a building of the faculty of the University of Kharkiv caused by a Russian missile attack.

Photo: Emergency Service of Ukraine / PA Media / dpa

Terror from the air is possible in many ways

The good reason is actually downright bad. In the war in Ukraine, the Russian army demonstrates the wide range of missiles at its disposal. The Kremlin president also makes extensive use of it in his attack on the neighboring country. The spectrum of terror from the air ranges from short-range missiles to medium- and long-range cruise missiles to ultra-modern and steerable hypersonic missiles. Germany does not have effective defense systems and a Russian attack seemed unthinkable after the end of the Cold War. After Scholz launched a major investment offensive for the sick armed forces announced, now it is also a question of procuring a missile defense shield that Israel could provide.

The “Iron Dome” is often mentioned in the debate, but that’s not quite the case. The Israelis endured the hardships of missile attacks and subsequently prepared themselves against various forms of this threat. “Iron Dome” refers to a defense system against short-range rockets, which are fired repeatedly and in large numbers by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas from the Gaza Strip at targets in Israel.

“David’s Slingshot” and Arrow 3 against Hezbollah

The “Kassam” rockets produced by Hamas terrorists by simple means have a maximum range of 24 kilometers and poor accuracy. The “Iron Dome” defense system detects the missiles and calculates their trajectory. Once it is clear where the rockets will hit, the computer makes a decision. If it is an uninhabited area, desert or sea, nothing happens. On the other hand, if houses, factories or schools are about to be hit, an interceptor rocket rises and destroys the Kassam.

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Another system called “David’s Sling” is used against short and medium range missiles with ranges between 40 and 300 kilometers. The name refers to the sling used by the biblical David to defeat the giant Goliath. It is also suitable for fighting enemy fighter jets and is also based on the latest radar technology. Probably the greatest threat to Israel comes from the Hezbollah militias in Lebanon, which have a vast arsenal of Iranian, Russian and Chinese missiles at their disposal.

An “Arrow 2” missile defense system at the Israeli air force base in Palmahim.

Photo: Oliver Weiken, EPA / dpa

Among them are several types of SCUD missiles, which are based on Soviet developments and have a range of several hundred kilometers. The Israeli military has particularly sophisticated defensive weapons against this threat: the so-called Arrow-3 missiles. They can eliminate enemy missiles at a distance of up to 2400 kilometers and at an altitude of 100 kilometers. This system, devised by Israel together with the US, is what interests Germany. According to the media, it should cost two billion euros, would be operational as early as 2025 and could also cover neighboring countries such as Poland.

Politicians get information in Israel

A group of defense politicians from the Bundestag traveled to Israel to discover the possibilities of missile defense. Among them is the president of the defense committee, Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann. The FDP politician told the broadcaster worldthe federal government “In view of the threat situation and the various weapon systems that Russia has at its disposal”, it also has to deal with a missile defense system. Strack-Zimmermann continues: “The Israelis produce something like this, which is why it makes sense not only to tackle these different scenarios, but also to buy them immediately if necessary.”

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