Zelenskyy condemns the Russian attack on Babyn Yar

D.President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the Russian attack on the television tower in Kiev near the Babyn Yar Holocaust memorial as an attack on Ukrainian history. “For any normal person who knows our history, the history of the world, Babyn Yar is a special part of Kiev,” he said in a video message on Wednesday. This shows that Kiev is alien to the absolute majority of Russians. “They know nothing of our capital. About our history, “the president said. Now Russia is trying to erase Ukrainian history.

The day before, two rockets were believed to have hit the Kiev television tower in the immediate vicinity of Babyn Yar. Officials say five bystanders were killed and five others injured.

In September 1941, after the invasion of Kiev, German troops shot more than 33,000 Jews in Babyn Yar. Selenskyj has Jewish roots. Russian President Vladimir Putin has labeled the Ukrainian leadership a Nazi.

Russian troops are approaching Kiev

On Thursday, the first day of the Russian war against Ukraine, the city of Uman was attacked from the air, Zelensky said. “Hundreds of thousands of Jews come there every year to pray,” he said. In Uman, in the Cherkassy region, is the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, to whom tens of thousands of Hasids go on pilgrimage every year for the Jewish New Year.

“What will happen if Babyn Yar (has already been bombed)?” Zelenskyy asked. “The Cathedral of Saint Sophia? The lavra? Church of Saint Andrew?” he listed the sights of Kiev.

According to Mayor Vitali Klitschko, Russian troops are approaching the Ukrainian capital Kiev. The Russian army is gathering more and more forces. “We are preparing and we will defend Kiev!”, He declared on social media. “Kiev resists and will resist.” Recently, a kilometer-long convoy of military vehicles moved towards Kiev.

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Russia has declared its readiness to negotiate with Ukraine again. “Our delegation is ready to continue the talks,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday in Moscow. The Russian delegation will be “on site in prime time,” Peskov said Wednesday, without naming the seat. He hopes Ukrainian negotiators will also appear.

A first round of negotiations in the Belarusian border region of Gomel on Monday remained without tangible results against the backdrop of the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. Both sides had agreed on a second round of talks, but without setting a date.

Tour through a destroyed city: a man rides a bicycle through the streets of Bucha, near the capital Kiev.

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Destroyed cities and the temporary silence of war

Before the negotiations began, Zelenskyy had asked Moscow for an “immediate armistice” and the withdrawal of Russian troops from his country. He also made it clear that he didn’t have high hopes for the talks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for the demilitarization of Ukraine and the recognition of the Crimea annexed by Russia as Russian territory as a condition for ending the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Furthermore, Putin has again demanded a “denazification” of the Ukrainian government and the “neutrality” of Ukraine.

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