April, April: from the green post to Mount Basel as an urban lighthouse

Below are some arguments that may be true, but are likely to be considered April Fool’s jokes.

The Presidential Department of Basel City released a press release in the morning on the acquisition of London’s artificial Marble Arch Mound: “In London it went under, in Basel it will shine. The canton of Basel City has acquired the Marble Arch Mound from the famous Dutch architect MVRDV, currently being dismantled in the British capital. The starting signal for construction will be given today in the presence of district president Beat Jans and urban planner Lukas Ott in the exhibition square. The City of Fair Trade was born within the green and accessible building. “

According to Jans, times in London were probably not right for such a building; Basel, on the other hand, is ready to face the future. This is evidenced by the fact that the Marble Arch Mound was timidly placed in the northeast corner of the Hyde Park desert, while in Basel the city appears to have been built around the man-made mountain.

BUILDING PROJECTS: A sustainable wind-blown wood project is planned in the city of Zurich. This should be used to make several small skyscrapers at the same time. But as the “Tagesanzeiger” writes, the resistance in the neighborhood is growing. A total of 200 tiny apartments will be built in 21 towers, each between 18 and 42 meters high, on former allotment land. There is also a new name for the neighborhood: it should be called Berndholzi because the trees that fell victim to the storm Bernd were used for the construction.

ELECTION KAMPF: It had never happened before in Swiss history: the candidate and the five candidates for a seat in the Grisons government wanted to do without the political showdown and instead divided the five mandates in the cantonal executive, writes the ” Südostschweiz ». With their pace, the candidates for the government wanted to set an example against the division in society. The distribution of the five mandates to six people should be done at no additional cost.

NATO PROTECTIVE SCREEN: Concerned about his future following Moutier’s move to the canton of Jura, the pro-Jura part of the Bernese municipality of Belprahon has decided to turn to NATO. This should protect the area beyond 2026. The step should also help calm the population, reports the French-speaking Swiss Corriere. Since Switzerland is not a member of NATO, the municipality turned to France to make its application official under the pretext of defending the French language.

MERGER: Soccer team Neuchâtel Xamax and hockey team La Chaux-de-Fonds (HCC) are planning a merger, according to French-speaking Swiss media group Archinfo. The two members wanted to create a multisports club which will be called H-Max. With the merger of football and hockey clubs, synergies should be released, for example in the search for financial partners, communication or needs related to sports studies. A new logo has already been designed. But nothing has been decided yet, the presidents of the two clubs assure.

GREEN CATHEDRAL: Geneva’s Department of the Environment has found a site to make the city greener. As reported by the “Tribune de Genève”, the roofs of the Saint-Pierre cathedral will be covered with a dense carpet of plants from the spring of 2023. «The old parts of the city suffer more from global warming. We have to be creative to make these places bearable for their residents, ”said Antonio Hodgers, state councilor in charge of the department.

SNAIL FOOD: The Capuchin friars of Friborg invited the Council of State to a lunch on Wednesday, reports the Freiburg newspaper “La Liberté”. This tradition dates back to the founding of the monastery 400 years ago, the Guardian told the community. On the menu there were snails and sauerkraut. The snails were digestible, according to the newspaper, which then questioned state councilors upon leaving. District President Olivier Curty has come to love this culinary specialty.

ROLLING STONES: According to the “Bund” and the “Berner Zeitung”, the Rolling Stones rely on a “Bernese solution” for their June 17 concert in Bern: in place of new drummer Steve Jordan, Andi Hug from the Bernese band ” Patent Ochsner »Mick Jagger and his friends accompany on drums. The reason for the choice is Jagger’s Swiss daughter-in-law, who is a huge Patent-Ochsner fan. The two newspapers also write that the” Stones “wanted to bathe in the Aare on June 17, which is why the city of Bern will block the banks of the Aare that day.

STRAIGHT BANANA: The first limited edition straight banana will be available in stores starting Friday, said Max Havelaar. Over the past 25 years the label has “straightened out what’s wrong”. The new Fairtrade straight banana immediately catches the consumer’s attention, making it easier for them to choose a sustainable product. Thanks to the straight banana, sales are expected to increase significantly again. More than one in two bananas sold in Switzerland is already a fair trade banana, as Max Havelaar points out.

POLICE E-BIKE: Zurich’s city police want to be more environmentally friendly: they are therefore starting a pilot test with the first two fast electric bicycles in Switzerland with blue lights and horns, according to a tweet from the city’s law enforcement agencies . This should combine the advantages of fast, agile and environmentally friendly means of transport with special police rights.

THERMAL SOURCE: Winterthur dreams of a second indoor pool because water at a temperature of 43 degrees gushes from a well on a construction site. It is the first known thermal spring, writes “Der Landbote”. Anyone wishing to see the source in person can participate in a guided tour on April 1st. Visitors could also bring an egg to boil in hot thermal water (one egg per person).

APRIL FISH LIKE APRIL FISH: The “Bieler Tagblatt” wonders if April Fools are still allowed today and therefore announces that they may not do so in the future. Biel Mayor Erich Fehr is quoted in the article as saying that he would not find such a renunciation amusing at all. Writing an April Fool is similar to a brainstorming session: the search for ideas creates solutions that otherwise would not have been found.

STEAM PROTEST: The “Zofinger Tagblatt” reports on a special protest against the possible end of the Brittnau-Wikon railway station in the Aargau-Lucerne border area on the SBB Olten-Lucerne line: a historic steam locomotive (model “Mikado 141R1244”) .Rolling The government of Aargau and Lucerne should be made more secure to guarantee the stop of the train for regional traffic. The steam locomotives are on their way – and obviously the protest committee is offering them an aperitif at the train station.

COLOR CHANGE: After a hundred years of postal yellow, it should now be postal green. Yellow changes into a green giant, as he himself said. They have set themselves big goals in terms of sustainability and now they want to make it visible at first glance. And since green is the trend, Swiss Post has decided to protect the new Post Green immediately. The work clothes of employees and all vehicles would always be green. Yellow mailboxes also need to be repainted green. However, older vehicles, which will still be phased out over the next two years, will retain their yellow livery until they are taken out of service.

CAR NUMBERS: Car subscription provider Carvolution also uses the April Fool’s joke as a marketing vehicle. He announces that his cars will now be equipped with his license plates. Road authorities can no longer bear the cost of redeeming subscription cars from Carvolution because the administrative effort is becoming too great. Customers now also have the opportunity to personally select the number of their signs.

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