Attractive destination for tourists: the new Buchholz tourist information office

Now the time has come: on Wednesday 6 April, the Buchholz Marketing Association will open the Buchholz Tourist Information Center at Buchholzer Adolfstraße 16. The team cordially invites you to the “Open Day” from 10:00 to 15:00. The Catinaccio regional park separated itself from tourist information last year. This gave Buchholz Marketing eV the opportunity to integrate tourist information into the association.

The new office at Adolfstraße 16 is centrally located in the city center and is therefore perfect for the activities of a tourist information center visited by interested parties. “We have found an ideal location for Buchholz Marketing and Buchholz Tourist Information Office,” says Frank Kettwig, President of Buchholz Marketing. “The merger of the two institutions creates added value for Buchholz and the region, creating excellent conditions for the future”, Frank Kettwig is sure.

On the opening day, the Buchholz Tourist Information team will showcase the technical equipment, answer visitors’ questions and provide information on new products. “We will also see how well the people of Buchholz know their homeland,” says Maike von Behr. There will be a small quiz with questions about the region. Those who know their way around and answer questions correctly can expect good ones. These were donated by the Black Mountains Wildlife Park, Lüneburg Heath Wildlife Park, Egestorf Barefoot Park, Kiekeburg Open Air Museum, Moisburg Mill Museum, Langenrehm Carpenter Museum, McDonalds, from the Buchholz butterfly park, the Bossard art site, the Buchholz gallery and the lynx handball team.

Buchholz Tourist Information has several tasks. Customer assistance takes place personally on site, by telephone and by e-mail on the excursion destinations in the surroundings. The team takes care of booking accommodation for companies and vacationers. Upon request, an elaboration for multi-day hikes on the Heidschnuckenweg can be made. There is a sale of event tickets, hiking maps and souvenirs.

Furthermore, the team is always committed to intensifying the network with the institutions of the region. Regular and direct contact with interesting excursion destinations is very important.

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Buchholz is the gateway to the Lüneburg Heath
Support for the region: Buchholz tourist information and Buchholz Marketing eV

“Tourism is an underrated source of income for the region and especially for the city of Buchholz,” says the association’s president. People have rediscovered their homeland and love to relax on the Lüneburg Heath. This applies not only to residents of the region, but also many foreigners use the moorland area for their holidays. Whether for a short weekend or an annual vacation: the southern metropolitan region of Hamburg with Buchholz and the moor is one of the most popular holiday regions.

Buchholz Marketing eV works closely with Lüneburger Heide GmbH.

“We are at the beginning of a new era for Buchholz. The city will benefit from the new tourist information, because marketing and tourism are simply one. With Maike von Behr and Dörte Cohrs we also have two highly experienced employees who are very committed. to join the Club line. We want to exploit this potential even more intensely in the future, “describes Frank Kettwig. “Buchholz is the gateway to the Lüneburg Heath”, say Maike von Behr and Dörthe Cohrs. The two tourism experts know what visitors want from the large number of requests.

Buchholz Marketing eV has several events planned for this year. On June 12th there will be a shopping Sunday under the motto “all electric”. Whether it’s an e-bike or an electric car: many vehicles will be on display this Sunday. “We will fill the entire city center with life. Of course, it is important that as many shops as possible participate in this shopping Sunday. Only then can we introduce visitors to an attractive shopping city with its many advantages.” says Frank Ketwig.

The new members of the association include hotels, landlords and restaurateurs. This translates into new and exciting opportunities to carry out successful work for the city of Buchholz with this network.

Other scheduled events:

• Wine Festival: from 28 to 31 July

• Three great shopping days / Sunday: from 2nd to 4th September

• Christmas Market: from November 21st to December 23rd

Further events are in preparation.

A campaign that needs even more participants is the Buchholz Card. “Unfortunately, too few companies or retailers have addressed this topic. A secure source of income is offered here. Cities like Winsen and Buxtehude show how well a voucher card can work like that, “says Frank Kettwig. With the Buchholz Card, the money stays in the city. Entrepreneurs can use the card to reward their employees, even tax-free up to 50 euros per month. This capital can be used for shopping in Buchholz stores. This completes the cycle. It is not necessary to order it on the Internet if an attractive city with an interesting mix of branches offers citizens a pleasant place to shop with the family. “Especially during this time, all business people must be offered. Buchholz Marketing is happy to collect all suggestions and hold talks with the city for a successful implementation,” says Frank Kettwig.

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