Because this costs him a “golden raspberry”.

The sick Bruce Willis ends his film career: because it cost him a “golden raspberry”.

Bruce Willis retires from acting due to illness

“Die Hard”, “Pulp Fiction” or “Armageddon”: Bruce Willis has become famous as an action hero, now the Hollywood star is surprisingly finishing his career – at the age of 67. Colleagues are dismayed.

Bruce Willis is known around the world as a tough action star – all the more surprising was the news of his retirement from the movie business on Wednesday. Due to illness, the “Die Hard” star had to put an end to his acting career at the age of 67.

“As a family, we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has had some health problems and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is affecting his cognitive abilities,” said a statement from his family, which includes Willis’ daughters. , Rumer and Scout. along with his wife Emma Heming-Willis and ex-wife Demi Moore via Instagram on Wednesday.

Colleagues and fans reacted with dismay. Stars including Jamie Lee Curtis, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Perkins and Cindy Crawford have expressed their condolences in messages on Instagram. Director Len Wiseman (“Die Hard 4.0”) conveyed “love and strength” for Willis and his family. Willis is a “fantastic actor, legendary action star, incredible father and good friend,” producer and director Randall Emmett told magazine. Last year he shot the thriller Midnight in the Switchgrass with Willis and Megan Fox.

Willis’ German voice Manfred Lehmann described him to the German news agency as one of his favorite actors to dub. “He was one of my favorites because we don’t know each other, but I’ve been talking about him for 40 years, I think, and you understand a lot there and I’ve always liked him,” Lehmann said. He even met Willis personally once. “We talked for a while and I found him very nice.” Willis was also “not that hard to sync”.

The announcement came as a surprise to the public. Until the end, Willis was in front of the camera nonstop, including with John Travolta in the action thriller “Paradise City”. IMDb’s film database lists over a dozen projects from 2021, some of which have not yet been released.

The “Golden Raspberry” distributors take back the abusive price

The Golden Raspberry Awards withdrew the defamatory award recently bestowed on Bruce Willis due to the actor’s illness. “If medical conditions are a factor in an individual’s decision or performance, then it is not appropriate to search them,” the group said in a statement Thursday.

The organizers of the “Golden Raspberry” or “Razzies” had devised a special section for Willis this year, based on the fact that he had eight negative roles in 2021, including films like “American Siege”, “Deadlock” and “Cosmic Sin” . The latter was fatal to him last Saturday (March 26) when the names of the recipients of the “Raids” were announced.

What is aphasia?

Aphasias are language disorders, such as speaking, understanding, writing or reading, which can occur due to various diseases, often after a stroke. However, it is not a thought disorder, patients are mentally completely clear and also have previously acquired knowledge still at hand. For example, those affected unsuccessfully search for words or form telegram-style sentences. Some can only put the syllables together. Others speak fluently but confuse sounds or use the wrong meaning of words.

As with an unfamiliar foreign language, what is said may not be understood correctly and sentences are only insufficiently recorded. When writing, letters are swapped, added, replaced or omitted. The limits of social communication are mentally difficult to work through.

“As a result, and after careful consideration, Bruce is retiring from a career that has meant so much to him.” It is a “very difficult time” for the family, but they are approaching this moment as a “strong family unit,” he said.

Lots of action and science fiction

Born in 1955 in Idar-Oberstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, the son of an American soldier and his German wife, Willis grew up primarily in the United States and has worked as an actor since the 1970s. He initially landed primarily in theater and TV series roles before making his breakthrough in 1988 with the action movie Die Hard. He plays New York Police Officer John McClane in the Die Hard miniseries.

In addition to action and science fiction films such as “Pulp Fiction”, “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element” or “Armageddon – The Last Judgment”, Willis has also starred in dramas such as “The Sixth Sense” or “Unbreakable” . ‘ and comedies like ‘Death Becomes Her’ or ‘RED – Older. Harder. Better with. He also tried to be a musician and worked as a voice actor, producer and founded the “Planet Hollywood” restaurant chain along with other actresses.

For his industry achievements, Willis has received awards including a Golden Globe and two Emmys, and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2013 he was awarded the highest French cultural order and therefore the honorary title of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters.

More recently, however, he also had to accept a shameful award: the organizers of the “Golden Raspberry” or “Razzies” created a special category for him this year, based on the fact that in 2021 he had eight bad roles, including in films such as “American Siege, Deadlock and Cosmic Sin.

ProSieben changes the program

Willis was married to actress Demi Moore from 1987 to 2000 and they have two adult daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. In 2009, Willis gave his votes to British model Emma Heming, who is more than 20 years his junior. The couple have daughters Mabel and Evelyn. Ex-wife Moore was also present at the wedding in the Caribbean.

Families are closely related. In 2020, Willis spent several weeks with Moore and his eldest daughters at their family ranch in Idaho during the crown pandemic. For Willis’ 67th birthday on March 19, Moore posted a photo together on Instagram with wishes for “Happy Birthday” and “gratitude” for the close family. His wife expressed her affection for her. “Not only do I love him, I really like him,” Heming wrote on Instagram with heart emojis under the hashtag #birthdayboy.

“Bruce Willis is a legend, a true icon of cinema,” wrote Florian Keller, head of the blockbuster on ProSieben and Sat.1. “I know many feel like me: I will miss discovering new films with him very much.” ProSieben announced that it would change the program at short notice. Three films in which Willis was a part would be screened on Friday night: “RED”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Unbreakable”.

Kabel Eins also announced that she would change the schedule. On Monday (April 4) the channel will air two films with Willis and a documentary about the Hollywood star.

Shock in Hollywood: Bruce Willis ends his acting career.

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