Bristol and Bath: an eventful couple

Beyond London, the British Kingdom in the south of England offers two places that surprise with lifestyle and history beyond all tourist flows.

Shaun the sheep, crouch or Wallace they are real Bristolians. The adorable ones clay figures come from Aardman Studios. The production house for animated films has in town Bristol their creative home. With the proximity to the sea and set in a green landscapehas the in southern england city ​​located since time immemorial artists and musicians fascinated. In the 1990s, bands provided the way Massive attack And Portishead with your hop trip for the attention. stars like Nick Kershaw come from here. also Paul Pottswinner of the TV talent show “Britain’s Got Talent”.

The city with her long story And glorious buildings of almost every era also has one of the greatest mysteries of the present offer. During a tour, visitors will discover the brick houses the famous Street art by the artist Banksy. However little is known about him, one thing is certain: he too is a Bristolian. For € 3.99, art lovers can download the “Banksy Bristol Trail” as an app and images such as “Well Hung Lover”, “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and many other masterpieces al discover Bristol’s urban facades.

From one city to another in the south of England

Walking around the city of Bristol is like visiting an art gallery. Photo: © DHB

One quiet opportunityExploring the city is a tour with a water taxi the Bristol ferries. In the typical yellow-blue boats you go on board Avon River every 40 minutes imposing buildings as the Bristol Cathedral. You can on one 900 years of history and it is mainly thanks to her unique architecture famous. Back to earth, towers thirty minutes on foot removes the one that runs 75 meters high Bridge across the River Avon. the chain bridge and this landmark of the city. Completed in 1864, it offers picturesque views over Bristol.

become several times Bristol as the best city in Great Britain excellent. Young people shape the urban landscape. A important meeting place for them and for visitors to the city they are the so-called “Cargos”. In the former port, a simple shipping containers Street food and drink offered. The “SS Great Britain” is just a few minutes away on foot. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunelit was there passenger steamer the first steel ship to be equipped with a propeller. Today he says it interactive museum of the dock navigation not always fun of the nineteenth century. Visitors receive an animated computer vivid impression from narrowness and from amazing smellsthe “Big Stink” to which both passengers and crew were exposed.

Bath is just 15 minutes from Bristol

Gromit the dog as a figurehead in one of Bristol's yellow and blue water taxis.  Photo: © DHBGromit the dog as a figurehead in one of Bristol’s yellow and blue water taxis. Photo: © DHB

To the history of past ages seamlessly ties the city Bath in Sommerset County to. Just 15 minutes by train from Bristol is the city an ideal place to visitto explore the southwest a little more. Even the Romans appreciated them city ​​because of its thermal springs. Visitors can do it Bathhouse visit and on The techniques of the good old Romans will amaze you. The baths didn’t just have one important thing social component: above all, could the sunny Romans in this place a bit dem cold and wet weather in England leak. From its top technical know-how witness the built-in Underfloor heating and plumbing. Today it is no longer possible to swim there. Right next door, however, the “Thermae Bath Spa” offers all that the 21st century modern man expected from a spa.

From the 18th century it was the British who magical place with its healing waters they were attracted. “Most of them arrived unwashed. After the first bath, the water was dirty and stank,” she explains. Joy Roberts the least clean story of the hot springs during a city tour. the below protection of monuments The “Royal Mineral Water Hospital” still remembers it today Hospital for all people from Dr. William Oliver. Convinced that people with Rheumatism in medicinal water Relief expert, recommended a bath of three hours and the taking of six liters of thermal water. His thesis was supported by the “Bath Oliver” or “Bath roll”. A rich foodwhose prescription the doctor then attached to his coachman past. He earned it with that pastry a golden nose. The after from it resulting cookie will still be with the likeness of the doctor product. And the recipe is still a secret.

Sweets of Bath About pastry: An absolute must is the Pump Room Restaurant in the Abbey Church Yard, not far from the Roman Baths. From there, the thermal water was pumped into the room. Guests still enjoy a glass of water from the fountain. The highlight, however, is absolutely British tea time with all the glitz anyone could want when visiting England. Smartly dressed waiters serve delicious little sandwiches, scones and clotted cream on an etagere with due composure. The tea ceremony in the Georgian halls is accompanied by the “Pump Room Trio” or a pianist.

Bristol bus tour

The Hung Well Lover by famous street artist Banksy on a facade in Bristol.  Photo: © DHBThe Hung Well Lover by famous street artist Banksy on a facade in Bristol. Photo: © DHB

Full and happy end a day in Bath with a walking tour beyond the unique architecture of father and son John Wood. You can walk or take a hop-on-hop-off bus tour Magnificent Georgian buildings Time. The houses with theirs numerous fireplaces on the roof form an ideal backdrop for Mary Poppins. With the umbrella open he has over the rooftops of Bath plenty of room to land. The impressive Royal Crescenta complex of thirty condominiums, is because of the crescent-shaped construction known beyond the city limits. The Crescent building and residential complex were designed by John Wood the Elder.

the The to-do list is long. Find out inside Jane Austen Center by actors in historical costumes more about the writer’s life. She has a while in town lived. This is also worth a visit Fashion Museum or the Vittoria art gallery. to come in combination with Bristol on discovery tour two full cities stories and many captivating British custom.

Arrival and informationgetting there From various airports to Bristol Airport from 135 euros
Overnight in Bristol The Bristol, Prince Street, +44 117 923 0333 From € 152 per night. Bath Francis Hotel Queen Square, from 224 euros per night.
to eat In the Pieminister there are the typical British cakes. The Pump Room: Typical tea time.
reference points SS Great Britain; Clifton Suspension Bridge and Clifton Village; information on both information More information on both cities can be found here.

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