Crown reigns in Potsdam from 3 April: a great confusion easing – Potsdam

Potsdam – On April 3, most of the crown rules will no longer apply in Brandenburg. However, Potsdamer should always have a mask ready because some institutions and public houses continue to require mouth and nose protection due to the high number of infections. This is according to a PNN survey. As a result, the right of domicile is used – which now, as in other municipalities, leads to a wide variety of variations.

Obligation of masks in the palaces of Potsdam

In the famous places of the Castello Foundation (SPSG), masks are mandatory “until further notice”, for example in the Palazzo Nuovo. Among other things, a decision was made to protect supervisory staff, a spokesperson for the SPSG said upon request. In coordination with the museum associations of Brandenburg and Berlin, the aim is to proceed as smoothly as possible. The Barberini Museum has also announced on request that from Sunday the obligation of the mask will continue to apply, but not that of distance.

The university also adheres to the use of masks

The more than 20,000 students of the University of Potsdam must also wear masks. From next Monday, all measures such as distance regulations and 3G or 2G test requirements would be eliminated, spokeswoman Silke Engel said: “With one exception.” The use of the mask should be continued as a duty through the rights of domicile.

Students must continue to wear masks in Potsdam’s classrooms and seminar rooms. Photo: Sebastian Gollnow / dpa

The mask is kept for viewers too – and also the 3G rule that every visitor must at least be tested. This will likely apply throughout the building until Easter, said Björn Achenbach, theater spokesman Hans Otto. In turn, Chief Heike Bohmann said on Friday from the Nikolaisaal: “We recommend our visitors to wear an FFP2 mask for their own protection and rely on personal responsibility. Our employees will continue to wear masks.” For events that are not sold out, make sure there are empty spaces in the seats between visitors.

Shop without a mask in malls

Shopping centers such as the Stern-Center or Bahnhofspassagen proceed differently. Both said they were not planning further restrictions. “We appeal to personal responsibility and consideration, to adhere to known hygiene measures and actively communicate on-site testing options,” said Carsten Paul, manager of Passagen. It was also told by both malls that if individual shops required additional rules, they could only decide for themselves.

There are no face masks in the Stern Center. Even the passages of the train station do without masks.Photo: Ottmar Winter PNN

No masks in the Biosphere and Lindenpark

All rules will be lifted from Sunday in the tropical Biosphere room: “This means there is no 2G, 3G or any other control – and you no longer need to wear a mask,” said Daniela Kobelt, Marketing Manager. The Lindenpark cultural center also refrains from extra rules, “because we find this confusing for guests,” spokesperson Reiko Käske said. However, each guest can wear a mask voluntarily – “or decide freely” if she wishes to participate in events under these conditions.

The municipal administration asks to continue using the masks

The municipal administration relies on appeals. City Hall spokesman Jan Brunzlow said visitors from municipal authorities were asked to “continue wearing a mask”. In this regard, the guidelines for the use of the mask would remain in force. The municipal and state library will proceed in the same way.

Masks are still mandatory in the Potsdam Municipal and State Library.Photo: Andreas Klaer

Brandenburg lets almost all rules lapse

As reported, most of the crown rules will no longer apply in Brandenburg from Sunday: for now, the mask requirement will remain in local transportation and healthcare. The 3G standard in restaurants, theaters and cinemas, the 2G standard in discos, the maximum limit for large events and the obligation to wear masks in schools and shops are in fact overturned. However, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with an FFP2 mask will remain in effect at least until April 30 for travel on public buses and trains and for visits to hospitals, nursing homes, homeless and refugee accommodation. In Brandenburg schools, however, the mask requirement is no longer applicable.

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The crown numbers in the current Omicron wave have recently been declining in Potsdam, but still at a high level. On Thursday, the incidence in seven days was 1,211 infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week. In the week before, this value was in some cases still above 1500. Values ​​in Potsdam are currently slightly above the state average of Brandenburg with an incidence of 1192 – the numbers have recently dropped here too, but the level is still tall .

The good news: the use of ICU beds with Covid patients is back in the green area of ​​the Mark, but the light for normal wards is still yellow.

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