Here it could be created: A new district for Oberasbach – Oberasbach

– A new district for Oberasbach – would be a great success. But where would there be room for this? For example, behind the old construction site in the neighborhood. A Free State pilot project aims to help develop ideas. However, there is a big problem.

Nothing smells sweeter to local politics than this: funding – and even better, lots of funding. The Free State is pledging a subsidy of up to 80 percent for its new “Landstadt Bayern” project. What is behind it is explained on the website of the Ministry of Construction: It is about supporting “innovative ideas that combine the advantages of city life with the quality of life in the countryside”. In particular, cities and smaller communities should have prospects for exploiting the great potential of rural areas.

room for innovation

This is where Oberasbach wants to intervene. The approximately ten-hectare site on the eastern outskirts of the city would be ideal for this, says the building authority. If the offer is accepted, Munich’s money could not only be used to design a new district, but also to create visions.

However, applicants have to put in a lot of effort: innovative mobility concepts, depending on the requirements, should be combined with digital offers, common life forms or interesting cultural projects.

Thoughts and ideas that are unlikely to come to mind while walking around the area. A wide dirt road leads south from Rothenburger Straße towards Hainberg. At the very beginning on the eastern side heaps of cover accumulate, to the west there are some commercial establishments, but also properties with dilapidated buildings and a large field.

South of the old quarter construction site is the site overlooking the city.

South of the old quarter construction site is the site overlooking the city.
© Photo: Harald Ehm

Despite the at best morbid charm that the landscape exudes, the area has potential: good transport links are already available, which in a few years should then receive an extra boost with the nearby underground line 3 terminus in Gebersdorf. , the planned freeway cycle path not to forget the old Bibertbahn route. The area also borders Altenberg to the west and thus the urban area, while the Hainberg nature reserve lies to the south.

The fact that the chances are good in the Oberasbach town hall also has to do with the fact that “we have done a certain amount of preparatory work,” as Birgit Huber said. What the mayor means: In the winter semester 2019/2020, 70 architecture students under the direction of Professor Ingrid Burgstaller at the Technical University of Nuremberg have already thought about what would be possible in this area. The crown pandemic overturned the exhibit and presentation originally planned at the time.

Without blinders and free from constraints, future architects approached the task of designing an urban area with different uses. The results – 32 in number – are recorded in a 160-page brochure with floor plans, model sketches and photos. The names were sonorous: “Griff ins Grüne”, “9 Blocks” or “Hainberg Hand”.

The best work was simply titled “No. 5”. Behind it is a neighborhood characterized by small areas with cafes and shops, a main square with a community center, accessible via a “town street”, three smaller side streets and many stairs to compensate for the slope. People should be able to live well here. There is space only for cars in the parking lots at the west and east entrances. A commercial block acts as a noise barrier for Rothenburger Strasse.

City councilors came out in favor of the candidacy for the pilot project, including Thomas Peter (FDP). “A big piece of land, we won’t get anything better,” the liberal said, referring to development opportunities, but then he put his finger in the wound: because the city doesn’t own the land. If you don’t get the owners of the property, especially the main owner, aboard, Peter predicted, the effort would be “in vain.”

The building committee then unanimously decided to apply. And the mayor made it clear that “this does not mean that we will be caught”.

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