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Melancholy, for missed opportunities: “Compartment n. 6”

A Finnish, a Russian, a train ride: that’s enough for the Finnish director Yay Kuosmans to completely enchant film critics with “Compartment n. 6”. A “in its fascinating invisibility richly orchestrated twosome“Saw FR– Critic Daniel Kothenschulte. “The wonderfully portrayed characters surprise, but they do not bend. What is particularly nostalgic is the political-cultural journey of that time, which today has a strangely historical effect: the hope that an iron curtain, once broken, never built again The film is set in 1997, the year Russia accepted NATO’s eastward expansion and Finland struggled to get out of an economic crisis, writes Katrin Doerksen in pearl diver: «Showing so subtly what is never articulated in the ‘Compartment n. 6 ‘, however always like melancholy mood suspended in the air: the film preserves a precise moment in recent history; a moment when suddenly everything seemed possible, which today in our dark times we must assume was not much more a missed opportunity. “Arabella Wintermayr in tazGunda Bartels im Daily mirror and Barbara Schweizerhof (Friday).

Inconspicuous cinematic art: “A Hero” by Asghar Farhadi

Awarded for “A Hero – The Lost Honor of Lord Soltani”. Asgar Farhadi 2021 the grand jury prize in Cannes is now being shown in our cinemas. The story is about Rahim Soltani, for whom things are far from smooth, until he comes across a bag with coins that offer him a way out. The Iranian director masterfully exaggerates the film’s “moral dilemma”, writes Andreas Busche in Daily mirror. “Criticism of social media, which according to Farhadi is becoming stronger in his country social pillory act is just a side effect of his piece of morality in “A Hero”. In a country where morality as a religion has been, so to speak, anchored in the constitution, the room for maneuver for all those involved is getting smaller and smaller. Nobody gets along well with Farhadi, yet “A Hero” never loses his humanism. “

Philipp Stadelmaier from SZ it is certain after this film: “Between the heroic and the everyday, the monumentality of the centuries of the world and the painting of the walls, lies the secret of the enormous and yet almost inconspicuous cinematic art by Asghar Farhadi. ” pearl diver Michael Kienzl, on the other hand, felt from Farhadi and his “Very calculated it means“sometimes manipulated transparently. But” the suction powerthat develops this nuanced escalation and the cinema of the actor, cannot be denied “.

In the taz-Farhadi explains why he is now back in Iran is back where filmmakers face considerable obstacles: “Iran is my homeland, that’s where I recharge my creative batteries. I grew up there, I know the people and their mentality, I’m familiar with cities and landscapes. This is what makes it so it works there for me in many ways more relaxed and uncomplicated. Of course there are also difficulties, after all it is no secret that being an artist in Iran is not always easy. But as long as I can continue to face those difficulties and work there, I will continue to do so. “

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