Mandatory masks in the Bundestag, private protective schools – Stark-Watzinger counteracts wave of indignation

BERLIN. Masks must continue to be worn in the Bundestag, at least until 30 April. Schools are prohibited from adopting the protective measure, which apparently outrages many citizens. The FDP, which passed the new so-called “infection protection” law in the traffic light coalition (which effectively bans all crown protections in the area), is therefore responding with a wave of anger on Twitter. The Federal Minister of Education also hears it.

“Poison for our democracy”: Federal Minister of Education Bettina Stark Watzinger (FDP). Photo: BMBF / Hans-Joachim Rickel

“An FFP2 mask must be worn in the buildings of the German Bundestag. The mask must be worn in such a way that the mouth and nose are covered in such a way as to reduce the spread of droplets and aerosols through breathing, coughing, sneezing or speaking, “says a general decree of the President of the Bundestag of March 10, 2022, which is limited until April 30, which is still valid for almost a month.

“The obligation to wear an FFP2 mask applies to all rooms, as well as to all traffic areas and elevators in the building. This does not apply to the Underground Access System (UES), roof terrace and dome of the Reichstag building, as well as to open spaces such as internal courtyards, provided that a distance of at least 1.50 meters from other people is maintained. The mask can be removed in offices and workplaces, as long as the room is used alone or you can maintain a distance of 1.50 meters from other people or there is adequate separation from other places.

In schools in Germany it is practically impossible to keep a minimum distance. And in the next few days, in most federal states, the obligation of the mask will also fall there, unlike the Bundestag. This was ensured in particular by the FDP, which prevailed in the traffic light coalition with the new infection protection law, which bans virtually all crown protection measures nationwide. Why do politicians obviously have a greater right to health protection than children and their teachers? This caused a wave of outrage on the Internet, which particularly affected liberals and especially Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann.

Federal Minister of Education Bettina Stark-Watzinger (also FDP) is speaking on Twitter. “Before becoming a minister, I myself often criticized the federal government. First as a committed citizen, then as a deputy. Democracy lives on this, “he writes. But:” The hatred of certain politicians, which some people live out here through hashtags, is poison to our democracy. “He gives no example of what he means by” hate messages. ” “.

In return, it collects a tide of nearly 1,000 mostly critical letters. “Showing indignation is not hate. @Fdpbt would do well to get involved in democracy instead of silencing critics cheaply,” writes one user. Another says: “Hate online is a big topic on the Internet right now. He felt that half of the FDP tweeted in solidarity with Buschmann that the hatred that was spreading was unspeakable. At the moment, however, there is no. they are reactions to comments, observations or serious arguments “.

“Why do the protection measures of the #Bundestag continue to apply? Do you have any #air filters there? “

One user replies to Stark-Watzinger: “How can you be surprised. Unfortunately not very convincing. You know exactly where the anger of people who cheat and feel sold out by politics comes from. While face masks are mandatory elsewhere, FFP2s must be worn in the Bundestag and 3G will continue to apply. “Another post to the Federal Minister of Education said:” Do you have the courage to answer this question? Why do #Bundestag protection measures continue to apply? air there? It would be very important / exciting to hear your explanation. One of your party colleagues is also welcome to respond. “

Other opinions:

“They raise the mask requirement in schools and keep it in the Bundestag. It is all so false. My son is no less worthy of protection! “

“Hate is to be condemned. But you have to endure the abysmal disgust that many people in the country feel because of the inhuman, ruthless, anti-science, mendacious, lack of solidarity and dangerous politics. You deserve it.”

“The poison for democracy, dear Mrs. Stark-Watzinger, is:

  • the cessation of all solidarity with the weakest and most vulnerable in the country: children
  • the prohibition (!) of protective measures that require a majority, while parliaments continue to draw on unlimited resources ”.

“They don’t communicate. You don’t explain. You don’t explain. They are just doing what most people think is utter nonsense. They endanger children and those who are already sick. And now they get mad at the style of criticism that comes. launched them “.

“Taking on the role of victim: ✅. Defaming criticisms such as” hate “: ✅. Speaking of” poison to our democracy “while poisoning yourself: ✅. The cheapest propaganda of the Federal Minister of Education, which however, he thinks it is absolutely correct to let hundreds of people die every day. “

“It’s easy to say: with online sessions, air filters, FFP2 mask requirement and unprovoked PCR testing prior to face-to-face meetings, no visits to school classes, and exclusive access to Pavloxid & Co.”

“The FDP prohibits schools from taking protective measures if deemed necessary. This fuels infections. And you probably know that even pupils who are “slightly” sick often have relatives who are already sick, who then do not get “slightly” sick. Accept it. But you reject the indignation about it. This is self-righteous and inconsistent. What they may not see (or approve of) is that they are digging on the right edge. News4 teachers

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