State Garden Show: Rumors about the defeat of the city of Mainz

Mainz will not host the State Garden Show in Rhineland-Palatinate. The organizer of the State Garden Show 2027 will be Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Mainz warmly congratulates Neustadt an der Weinstrasse on this great victory and wishes all the best for the preparations and implementation. Neustadt an der Weinstraße will experience a permanent update through the State Garden Show 2027, an added value for the whole of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Mayor Ebling is sad but optimistic on the day of the announcement

“I congratulate Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. The State Garden Show 2027 is sure to be brilliant. Of course, I am a little sorry that our question did not find approval from decision makers. However, I am here today with a lot of optimism and say: I still see great potential for the sustainable development of our city and the improvement of public green and local recreation areas in the state capital in the concepts we have designed for our application. With these concepts, we also wanted to attract more public attention to our cultural heritage. Enough reasons to say: we are not archiving the plans and concepts, but we are still working on their implementation! Although without a fixed point of arrival “Landesgartenschau 2027”, but with a lot of motivation and the 2030 Agenda for our city firmly in sight “.

Like all cities in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, Europe and the world, Mainz faces important tasks in the 2020s: climate protection, energy transition, future of mobility, guaranteeing social cohesion, biodiversity and resource conservation are just some of the challenges of urban development in this and coming decades. With the app, Mainz has described new solutions and will follow them to find answers to the pressing questions of the city of the future.

Janina Steinkrüger, Head of the Green and Environment Department

“New concepts for strengthening urban open spaces are of particular importance. Because a diversified urban society has different fruition needs, which must be reflected in the squares, parks, sports and play areas “. This is also increasingly true of city center locations with their shops and gastronomy. For entry into the city of the future, therefore, it must be possible to significantly improve the existing open spaces, their usability and their networking, ecological quality and historical-cultural aura.

Junge Union (JU) Mainz Regrets City of Mainz Missed Opportunity to Apply for State Garden Show 2027

“The second winner, as Mayor Ebling calls him, is also the first loser! The people of Mainz would have been very happy with the spectacle of the state gardens on site, especially if the idea had been right ”, is certain Torsten Rohe, district president of JU Mainz. “Once again, a great opportunity has been lost here!”.

For the young Christian Democrats, the decision against Mainz and Neustadt an der Weinstrasse is not surprising, but it offers an opportunity to correct planning errors.

“The idea of ​​the city of Mainz, not to redevelop the city center and the Rhine promenade, but to focus on the Volkspark and partially block it for the general public, was far from a good idea and would further aggravate the currently tense situation. with lack of space for young people. We need an urban planning concept that increases the quality of life in all areas of central Mainz. This would also help retail in Mainz. You need to see the decision now as an opportunity to correct this erroneous focus on the Volkspark in planning “, says Marc Philipp Janson, Vice President of the Junge Union and CDU in Mainz

“There is a lot of potential on the banks of the Rhine from Mombach via the Neustadt to the old town to Weisenau and Laubenheim!”, Adds Rohe, who is also district president of CDU Mainz-Neustadt and has regularly asked for the Rhine promenade to be renovated in the past.

The Junge Union further lengthens the bow

“We currently have very little living and recreational space for young people in Mainz, due to the lack of urban planning of traffic lights. The current debate on the winter harbor shows that we need more space for barbecues, social gatherings and sports. . However, these need to be distributed throughout the city so that individual areas are not overcrowded. The concrete construction of the customs port also did not help and the application of the city of Mainz for the state garden show was lacking. of an innovative idea to update and shape the city in a sustainable way and for all generations through state subsidies! ” conclude Rohe and Janson.

Alexandra Gil-Gers, chairman of the SPD city council group

With disappointment, the SPD city council faction takes note of the decision to award the State Garden Show 2027 in Neustadt. “Congratulations to Neustadt! Of course we regret the decision, but we also believe that the plans developed for Mainz have great potential,” says Alexandra Gill-Gers, chairman of the SPD city council faction.

“We want to do everything possible to make the Roman heritage even more visible without the State Horticulture Exhibition in Mainz, to present our diverse cultural heritage, but also to meet the needs of our growing city of open spaces and for the time. free usable. This task does not end with the application, “says Gil-Gers.

Above all, issues such as climate protection, biodiversity and the desire for public space for social interaction will remain topical for years to come. “The many ideas that have developed within the application, including from urban society, will continue to play an important role for all of us in answering these future questions.”

The presidents of the SPD Mareike von Jungsfeld and Christian Kanka

“The city submitted a carefully prepared application with many good ideas. Had the concept been implemented as part of the garden show, there would have been an event that would have delighted the citizens of Mainz and many outside guests. At the same time, the exhibition areas of the garden would be redesigned in an attractive way beyond the duration of the event. “

“However, we do not believe that the development of the concept and application was in vain. Many of the projects can also be done outside the garden show. Plans should be checked and, if possible, addressed. This will be good for the city. “

Stefan Hemschemeier, representative of the parliamentary group of the Left party in Mainz

“The idea born out of Mayor Ebling’s election campaign to tackle the backlog of maintenance and renovation of the parks in Mainz with state subsidies from the garden show budget apparently did not even convince the Ministry of Economy. closure of the popular recreational areas and the planned collection of entrance tickets for the city and public parks “.

Carmen Mauerer, deputy parliamentary group leader and environmental policy spokesperson for the Left Party of Mainz

“This insipid and not very innovative concept has proved to be a boomerang: if the only big city among the candidates does not rely on new and bold concepts for the further development of typical urban neighborhoods – where is the” sustainable municipal development “expected by should a garden show be? “

“The city administration has also largely managed to ignore the many innovative project ideas in the urban area that have been raised in the public participation process. This not only frustrated the busy participants, but also wasted the opportunity for a lasting improvement in the life situation in the densely populated districts of the city. Ecological and climate-friendly urban policy could be looked at with a magnifying glass in this application concept and it has not yet been discovered anywhere “

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