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Einbeck. Joint tourism marketing in neighboring European countries: Braunschweig, Celle, Göttingen, Goslar, Hamelin, Hanover, Hildesheim, Wolfenbüttel, Wolfsburg Autostadt and Hanover Airport now collaborate internationally with the city of Einbeck.

The city cooperation “9 cities + 2 in Lower Saxony” was founded more than 30 years ago under the name “The wonderful nine – nine historic cities in Lower Saxony”. Now Einbeck has been admitted. The cooperation partners are Wolfsburg Autostadt and Hanover Airport. The most important common goal is marketing as attractive travel destinations in neighboring European countries. This mainly includes Scandinavia, the BeNeLux countries, Great Britain, Poland, as well as Austria and Switzerland. The range of activities is wide to present itself in the best possible way on the reference markets. This includes presentations at specialized events, collaboration with tour operators, publications in travel magazines and online campaigns. Organizers, travel journalists, and influencers are regularly invited to visit. The information material is available in many languages.

Harald Wanger, managing director of Hamelin Marketing and Tourism and deputy spokesperson for »9 Cities + 2«, welcomed Einbeck as a new member. With PS.SPEICHER, magnificent half-timbered houses and Einbecker beer, the range of offers of the cooperation is expanded with special attractions. Together with his colleagues, he felt at home there and praised the city and the opportunities it offered. The merger of the now eleven partners and the financial consolidation of the funds lead to a greater perception abroad that no tourism organization can achieve alone, according to Wanger.

Together they have already had a high “impact”, with Einbeck as beer, half-timbered town and vintage this will be increased. Citizen cooperations with their grouping of extraordinary characteristics are perceived differently than individual actors. The corona pandemic has caused collapses in many tourist areas. If the market was competitive before, it is now even more competitive with the restart, says Wanger.

Cooperation offers interesting goals; The goal is to position itself well, as before the pandemic, in order to attract many guests to the cities of the partners. Petra Sievers, Marketing and Tourism from Hanover and representative of »9 Cities + 2«, agreed. Einbeck is already represented in the new brochures and press releases for foreign partners. The market adorns the cover of the current brochure. There are extraordinary products on site that complement and combine the above. Former member cities are growing together spatially across Einbeck. The half-timbered city is like a bridge to southern Lower Saxony and Göttingen. The new membership is welcomed by large-scale posters, such as at Tiedexer Tor or at the train station.

Mayor Dr. Sabine Michalek and Ulrike Lauerwald, Einbeck Tourism, are delighted to be part of the cooperation. “With the completion of the branding process, the new website and the revision of our industrial material, we have already created a solid foundation and are now well prepared for marketing abroad,” says Lauerwald.

For tourism and the city, the cooperation represents a great opportunity to present themselves in a targeted way in European countries and to benefit from the resulting synergies of the marketing association. There are further advantages in Lower Saxony city tourism. Thanks to »9 Cities + 2«, Einbeck will be able to create an even better and more effective network in this area as well. Mayor Dr. Sabine Michalek a. Inclusion in cooperation is a big event for Einbeck. It fills her with pride to be a member of the well-established association of cities – at 37 the oldest in Germany. She thanked Ulrike Lauerwald and the Einbeck Tourism team for the good work they brought to the cooperation partner of »9 Cities + 2«. With the trilogy of beer, half-timbered houses and vintage cars, you can complete the association well, act internationally, strengthen yourself together and constantly increase tourism marketing

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