Travel Ranking: These are the 10 most relaxing cities in Germany

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City trips are booming. Be it Dresden, Bremen or Nuremberg, only a few travelers can escape the charm of the big city. And while big cities can be noisy, hectic, or exhausting, they also have an incredible amount to offer. In addition to a colorful change from everyday life, you can visit various cultural institutions, visit the city or just relax. Traveling to Germany is also trendy this year. But even the medium and large cities, frequented by tourists, offer some places in the midst of the hustle and bustle to relax between shopping and sightseeing.

Fit Reisen city ranking: here’s how it was rated

The main German city shows which German cities are particularly suitable for a relaxing holiday Fit Reisen health and wellness travel organizer in its ranking of cities with a focus on relaxation. Basically, it is difficult to make an analysis of the most popular German holiday and travel cities. But when creating the ranking, Fit Reisen looked specifically at internet search queries.

For that, that was the first thing search volume on google, ie the average number of online searches per month from over 700 large and medium-sized German cities in combination with the keyword “city trip” to determine the ten most popular city travel destinations currently.

These were then divided into three categories “Percentage of green area”, “Hours of sunshine in 2021” And “Lowest number of tourists (in the pre-Crown year 2019)” compared and evaluated. Ten points could be scored per category – so a total of 30 points was possible.

Relaxing city trip: These are the 10 best German cities to relax in

At Fit Reisen you will find not only hotel recommendations, the latest travel trends and innovations in the areas of wellness, care, nutrition and fitness, but also an analysis of the most famous German cities for relaxing and unwinding. Here you can find them ten best German cities to relaxestablished by Fit Reisen, in which a Franconian town also made it to the top. I notify: The list includes double the rankings and then starts from grade 6.

# 6th place: Kln (10 points)

The city of Cologne in North Rhine-Westphalia, which is not only popular during the carnival season, ranked 10th with Hamburg in the city travel chart. With around 3.8 million tourists in 2019, the Rhine metropolis is also a bit busier, but there are plenty of places to relax to compensate for the hustle and bustle: for example, in Flora, about 30 minutes from Cologne Cathedral. , there is a real holiday feeling: 5,000 plant species, an avenue of palm trees, fountains and rose gardens invite you to linger. Thanks to the kilometers of sandy beaches along the Rhine, you can also relax in the southern district of Rodenkirchen.

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# 6th place: Hamburg (10 points)

Despite the scarce 1,490 hours of sunshine per year, around 7.6 million visitors came to the Hanseatic city in 2019. Although the “relaxation factor” is not in the lead here, many places around the Alster and the Elbe still invite you to “take it easy”, including the city park east of Hamburg, the centrally located Planten un Blomen park or the park the largest cemetery in the Ohlsdorf park. A particularly beautiful view of the Hamburg skyline, away from the crowds of visitors, can be had from the southern side of the Elbe, from the viewpoint of the Old Elbe Tunnel. A stroll in the Blankeneser stair district or Elbe velgnne beach is also perfect for a relaxing break. And if that wasn’t enough to relax, the North Sea or Baltic Sea beaches are about an hour’s drive away.

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# 5th place: Berlin (13 points)

The otherwise lively capital, which was visited by 13.9 million tourists in 2019, is also quite relaxed from time to time and ranks fifth. Berlin scores particularly well in the ranking with the high percentage of green spaces of 30%.. Berlin’s Tiergarten, the capital’s green heart, stretches from the Brandenburg Gate to the Zoological Garden and offers enough space to relax after visiting the city. To the south-west, the Grunewald invites you to take long walks and from the 36-meter-high Grunewald Tower you can enjoy a splendid view of the Havel and the Wannsee. A trip around the world through nine themed gardens is possible in the “Gärten der Welt” in East Berlin.

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# 4th place: Bremen (17 points)

Four times fourth place. In addition to Bremen, Stuttgart, Munich and Nuremberg also finished fourth. Mainly due to the relatively low visitor numbers of 1.2 million tourists in 2019, Bremen ranked 4th. Otherwise, the Hanseatic city offers enough space to relax. On the Weser, the shipyard island, which can be reached via a footbridge, invites you to take a break. Along the river, the cultural project “The Complete Palette”, boat rentals and bathing establishments also guarantee a relaxing holiday. In Bremen’s oldest quarter, the Schnoor quarter, restored 15th and 16th century buildings house individual jewelery and clothing shops, as well as cafes and restaurants.

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# 4th place: Stuttgart (17 points)

Stuttgart also came in fourth in the city travel chart with a relaxation factor. This ranking is guaranteed above all by the 1,952 hours of sunshine per year, the second highest value in this category, and the relatively low number of visitors of around 2.1 million tourists in 2019. When it comes to “city trips” relax “, the Autostadt also offers some spots to relax from the hustle and bustle of the big city: from the viewpoint of Eugensplatz you have a 360 ° view of the city, to the Heslacher falls west of Stuttgart you are away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and in vast Rosensteinpark on the Neckar you can find shady places to relax.

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# 4th place: Munich: (17 points)

With around 1,993 hours of sunshine, Munich offers the best value for money in its category and, despite the second highest tourist density of around 8.8 million visitors in 2019, ranks fourth. In addition to the famous English Garden, the largest park in the city, there are a number of other green spaces that are worth taking a break from the hustle and bustle: the poet’s garden attracts with centuries-old trees, a rock cave as a memorial to the poet Heinrich Heine and other statues of artists and poets. The Denninger facility, the Bavariapark or the Maximilianslange on the Isar are also worth a relaxing detour. And if you go to the outskirts of Munich, you can reach Lake Starnberg or Lake Ammer after a good half hour by car.

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# 4th place: Nuremberg (17 points)

with Nuremberg, a major city in Central Franconia, also ranked fourth in the comparison and invites you on a relaxing city trip. It especially scores with the relatively low number of around 1.9 million tourists in 2019 and the fourth-highest sun duration of around 1,783 hours. Thanks to the winding paths, for example, you are undisturbed in the Mayor’s Garden at Neutor and you can also relax quietly in the Kontumaz Garden near the old town. Also not to be missed is a visit to the Johannisfriedhof in Nuremberg, considered one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Germany. The island of Schtt on the Pegnitz exudes a holiday atmosphere in the summer thanks to the city beach and on the island of love on the edge of the old town you can let your soul dangle under the shady trees.

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# 3rd place: Dresden (18 points)

The capital of the Saxon state of Dresden, which was visited by around 2.3 million tourists in 2019, came in third. With the second highest percentage of green space in the ranking of approx At 62 percent, it’s not one of the greenest cities in Europe for nothing. This provides enough places where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Along the banks of the Elbe in Neustadt there is, among other things, the bell pavilion, which not only serves as a photo opportunity, but also offers a splendid view of the old town. For a relaxing stroll, head to the flower-filled garden town of Hellerau, built on the English model. Lovers of fine wines should not miss an excursion along the Saxon wine route.

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# 2nd place: Frankfurt am Main (20 points)

The main metropolis of Frankfurt came in second in the relaxed fit Reisen city comparison. This will come as a surprise to some, after all, the booming city is best known for its financial world and had around 6.2 million visitors in 2019. But thanks to one proportion of green areas of 52 percent and the third longest duration of the sun in the ranking comparison 1,841 hours, there are many places where you can relax on a city trip. Whether it’s the Palmengarten, the Ostpark or the Nice Mediterranean Park directly on the Main, there is a piece of nature around every corner. Culture vultures are spoiled for choice with the 38 museums of the Museumsufer. There are also numerous cafes and bars with skyline views along the banks of the Main.

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# 1st place: Potsdam (26 points)

Relaxed, more relaxed, Potsdam: Around 564,000 tourists came to the capital of the state of Brandenburg for a city trip in 2019. This, seen over the year, contemplative number of visitors as well as the Peak value of about 64% of green space secure first place in the city break relaxation chart. Known for its wealth of palaces and parks, Potsdam is ideal for undisturbed walks in the countryside, for example along the Cecilienhof Palace, the Marble Palace or in Babelsberg Park. Many of the generous facilities are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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At the famous Sanssouci Palace, the Winzerberg invites you to take a deep breath: in the summer months, wine is served there during “Baccus Hour”. Relaxed shopping is possible, for example, in the Dutch Quarter and in the seaside resort of Caputh you can end the day in an atmospheric setting on the sandy beach. And if the sun, which shines here on average 1,693 hours, hides behind the clouds, cinema fans in particular will get their money: in the Babelsberg district is the eponymous film studio, which is also the largest studio in the world. its kind in Europe.

Holidays in Germany are all the rage right now, and not just because of Corona. From the Zugspitze to the far north, there are many places that are worth a visit. Here we have summarized for you the 20 most beautiful travel destinations in Germany, divided by cardinal points.

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