When the emperor personally guides you through Lautern: Tourist Information brings “Discover KL” to the app stores

tourist information. How long has Kaiserslautern existed, where does the name come from and why is there a fish in the city coat of arms? All this and much more can be experienced with the new “Discover KL” app on a journey through space and time. The guide of the city is none other than the emperor Frederick Barbarossa, who in the role of little Frederick and his dog Ted invites you on a journey to discover Kaiserslautern. In a fun way, the two guide users in search of a lost wooden fish through various places of interest in the city center, such as the orchard, the collegiate church, the city museum and, of course, the remains of their apartment, the palace. imperial.

Along the way, they meet exciting personalities from Lautrer’s story. A meeting with Fritz Walter and Lina Pfaff is scheduled, as well as a meeting with a dancer in front of the Palatinate Theater, who will tell you many curiosities about the history of the city and the individual places of interest and will have some crucial tips ready when you are looking for fish. .

The story is told in a total of eleven stations through high-quality audio contributions presented by professional speakers and various multimedia content in the form of 3D models, animations, videos, 360-degree views and images. These also allow virtual access to buildings that are not actually accessible during the tour, at the stadium or inside the Palatinate Theater. The tour is complemented by small games that need to be solved at the end of each station. The app also provides additional information in plain language and selfie postcards to share on social media.

“The app is a successful example of the multitude of possibilities that digitization offers to bring history to life, tell stories and make them tangible,” enthuses Mayor Klaus Weichel. “This opens up great opportunities in tourism to create unique and sustainable guest experiences – including for the Barbarossa 2022 year, a beautiful offer that caters primarily to families.”

The city of Kaiserslautern won the special prize for digitization in the “Culture-Regionality-Tourism” profiling competition with a draft of the app entitled “Herzlich digital auf Barbarossas Spure”. This was linked to the financing of 90% of the project costs. With the funding, the special features of Kaiserslautern, on the one hand as a city with history and on the other hand as a digital city, had to be authentically combined into a tourism product particularly aimed at the target group of the family.

The project was publicly advertised and the contract was awarded to the consortium DroidSolutions GmbH, Leipzig and HistoriCity, Berlin. The consortium can showcase extensive references, including multimedia guides for the Hessian State Museum of Art and Nature in Wiesbaden, the Senckenberg Museum of Natural History in Frankfurt, Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, and city audio tours for various cities.

“Storytelling is a great way to convey historical contexts in a creative way. Because we humans think mainly in stories. This is the best way for our brains to remember information. Furthermore, stories excite us more than just facts and figures. What interests us is best remembered, “explains Nele Diekmann of HistoriCity. A very simple basic formula for success stories is: a hero has a problem and has to go on a journey to solve it. This journey changes it and comes out stronger. Diekmann: “We also proceeded according to this basic principle in Kaiserslautern to allow visitors to embark on an exciting journey with little Friedrich Barbarossa.”

The management of the project was in the hands of the Tourist Information and was actively supported with technical questions, historical research and the provision of information material and images by Hearty digital, the Förderkreis Kaiserpfalz Kaiserslautern eV, the Barbarossa Gästeführer Kaiserslautern eV, the MPK – Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, the non-profit integration company iKL Kaiserslautern mbH, the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, the 1st FC Kaiserslautern and the DEHOGA Rheinland-Pfalz eV

Special thanks go to Theo Düppre, managing director of Wipotec GmbH, for generously donating the city contribution. Without this extraordinary support, the implementation of the project would not have been possible.
The “Discover KL” app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store. A flyer is available from the Tourist Information. ps

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