The requirement of the mask in NRW schools ends: tens of thousands of students have already disappeared

In NRW, masks are no longer mandatory in schools. This causes misunderstandings. Because the infections among students are already high.

Dortmund – In schools in North Rhine-Westphalia *, children should also learn about personal responsibility. This also applies to wearing a crown mask by Monday (April 4th) at the latest. Because the mask requirement will be canceled next week. Dortmund’s debt officer criticizes the move to RUHR24 *.

Crisis: corona pandemic
Federal state: NRW
Reason: End of the compulsory mask in schools

The NRW mask requirement ends April 2 – schools cannot impose their own

The Infection Protection Act passed by the Bundestag has far-reaching consequences, including for NRW schools. Because from Saturday (April 2) there will be no legal basis for wearing the mask in class. In some locations in NRW, however, the mask requirement continues to apply *.

This means that from Monday (April 4) students will be able to sit back in class without a mask if they wish. Because it is still allowed to wear a mask voluntarily, according to the NRW Ministry of Education school mail.

In addition, the state government can only order a mask requirement in individual cities and districts. However, the approval of the state parliament is therefore required. And simply impose your own mask requirement? Schools cannot do this. However, students will continue to be tested for a corona infection * next week.

The Arnsberg district government answered the question of how to teach in the catchment area without the obligation to wear masks: “It is obviously possible that there are voluntary agreements in schools to continue wearing masks.”

End of NRW face mask requirement: approximately 4% of students are absent due to Covid-19

The end of the mask requirement comes at the worst possible time of the corona pandemic and of the year: a week before the start of the Easter holidays in NRW and with a continuing and high incidence among schoolchildren.

According to the state government, a high level of infection and health protection also results from the high vaccination rate of 96% among teachers Rhenish post office. Furthermore, the number of infections from Covid-19 is “substantially stable”.

Others would say: stable and tall. Because last week, some 77,000 of NRW’s roughly 2 million schoolchildren were unable to attend face-to-face classes. This is about 4 percent. Nearly 50,000 of them had Covid-19 infection, the rest were in quarantine. Nearly 7 percent of the teachers had disappeared.

The requirement of the mask in the schools of the NRW ends: the criticisms also come from Dortmund

The criticisms at the end of the mask requirement come, among others, from the SPD parliamentary group. Vice President Jochen Ott called the move just before the Easter holidays “a serious mistake”.

The mask requirement protects and creates clarity for everyone at school.

Daniele Spiral Burger, Director of the Dortmund Schools

On Thursday (March 31), Dortmund school principal Daniele Spiral Burger (Verdi) told RUHR24: “When it comes to child health and safe school operations, I would like the school minister to join the caution team. The mask requirement protects and creates clarity for everyone in the school. “

Crown in NRW: Teachers fear face-to-face lessons after the mask requirement is lifted

But even the teachers’ associations seem rather dissatisfied with the end of the compulsory mask in schools. Andreas Bartsch of the NRW Teachers’ Association warned against risking face-to-face teaching.

The Association for Education and Training NRW * warns in a press release: “Anyone who wants to allow continued school operations must carefully consider whether now is the right time to forgo preventive measures.” infection goes to school Federal and state governments are jointly responsible.

The mask requirement ends in NRW schools.

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NRW mask requirement: Dortmund schools recommend wearing the mask voluntarily

Meanwhile, many schools continue to recommend that you voluntarily wear a face mask in class to protect yourself from the corona virus. At Dortmund’s Heisenberg-Gymnasium, for example, apprenticeships are canceled because teachers have had to replace, according to a statement from the school management.

“At this point I would like to expressly point out the (…) possibility of voluntarily wearing a mask in the last week of school before the Easter holidays and ask you to continue doing so”, writes the director. Rehearsals in schools in North Rhine-Westphalia will continue until 8 April. After the Easter holidays, they too should be history. * RUHR24 is part of the IPPEN.MEDIA publishing network.

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