500 euros per month: Oberspreewald-Lausitz-Kreis wants to attract young doctors with a scholarship

500 euros per month
Oberspreewald-Lausitz-Kreis wants to attract young doctors with scholarships

Audio: Brandenburg antenna | 27.10.2021 | Daniele Federico | Photo: dpa

The Oberspreewald-Lausitz district is launching a scholarship program for prospective doctors. Anyone who wants can now apply for the monthly support of 500 euros, the district announced Wednesday. There is no application deadline.

In mid-September, the district council decided to introduce such a grant to ensure medical care in the district, according to a statement. “With the program, the district wants to attract long-term doctors and dentists.”

In return, students who accept the offer agree to work in the district as a doctor for a period of time.

Concession with conditions

Beginning in the 2021/22 winter semester, the district will support up to five medical or dental students per semester with the scholarship. It is paid for up to six years. After completing their studies, doctors must then work in the district for at least five years.

Financial support for prospective doctors is also linked to perseverance. “Anyone who interrupts their studies, is excluded from studies or does not pass the final exam is obliged to return the scholarship”, writes the constituency. The same applies if the period of specialist training or dental preparation is interrupted or the relevant final examination is absolutely not passed.

Health Manager: Good chances in the district

“We want to support prospective doctors with the medical scholarship and show them great future prospects in our district as the center of their life and workplace,” said Alexander Erbert, head of the health department, in the press release.

Professional prospects as a doctor are particularly good in the Oberspreewald-Lausitz district. For example, students could work as resident doctors or at the Niederlausitz Clinic with its locations in Senftenberg and Lauchhammer.

The district wants to use the program to reduce “the anticipated medical and dental supply shortage,” according to the statement. In addition, medical care in hospitals and the health department should be strengthened.

Similar models for retaining skilled workers already exist in the districts of Elbe-Elster and Dahme-Spreewald.

Broadcast: Brandenburg Antennas, October 27, 2021, 2.30pm

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