15 years START scholarship Vienna | Scholarships from the START Austria Association, 24 October 2021

Deputy Mayor and City Councilor for Education Christoph Wiederkehr at the anniversary celebration on October 22: “Education is the key to a self-determined life.”

Vienna (OTS)

  • Since 2006, 203 young people with a migrant background in Vienna have been successfully supported on their way to the Matura.
  • Currently there are 47 young people who are intensely accompanied and cared for.
  • 60 per cent of graduates are studying or have already completed their studies, with business subjects particularly popular.
  • The deputy mayor returns to the anniversary celebration: “Education is the key to a self-determined life. That is why I am delighted that so many young people successfully graduate from the Vienna high school with the support of the START scholarship program. ”

The one that started with ten fellows in 2006 is now a continuing success story: in the 15 years since its founding, the START scholarship program has supported 203 young people with roots in 46 countries on their way to the Matura, currently 47 young people are receiving an intensive and cared for support. Busy schoolchildren with a history of migration receive educational allowances, IT equipment, master classes as well as individual counseling and support.

As part of the anniversary celebration of 22 October at the AK Education Center, graduates of the years 2020 and 2021 were greeted in the presence of the deputy mayor and city councilor for education Christoph Wiederkehr and the body of the General Middle School Vienna The Agnes Berlakovich Scholarship Foundation and the 25 new fellows of the program welcomed.

“Knowledge and education guarantee social and social progress and contribute to personal development. For me it is therefore very important that all young people in Vienna, regardless of their religious and cultural background, have the opportunity, with their high school diploma in their pocket, to undertake and shape their future life with courage and motivation “, he affirmed Deputy Mayor and City Councilor for Education Christopher returns as part of the anniversary celebration. “I would like to congratulate the graduates on passing the Baccalaureate, the new fellows for being admitted to the program and the START Scholarship Association on its 15th anniversary. Keep up the good work!”

“It is of particular importance that young people in Vienna are supported on their path towards a self-determined and successful life, designed according to their own ideas, skills and competences”, he also confirmed. Agnes Berlakovich, head of the department of the 40 municipal department for social, social and health law and the founding body of the General Vienna Middle School Scholarship Foundation. “Being able to accompany young people in the first years of adult life and support the achievement of their first major educational goals is a special task to which the City of Vienna is committed. In recent years we have therefore supported over 30 young people and provided them with scholarships in collaboration with the Vienna START Scholarships Association ”.

Today the association is managed by the CEO Catherine Bernd which explains the motivation behind his work: “In addition to the personal commitment of each individual, external support is also needed to allow young people from low-income families with a migrant background to lead a self-determined life according to their own ideas . It is very fun to accompany young people on their journey, remove obstacles from their path, and then see how they develop their potential and find their place in the middle of society with self-confidence ”.

Information on START grants

The START Scholarship Program supports committed students with a migration background on their way to maturity. START is a funding program for a society with equal opportunities, open and socially permeable in which interculturality is seen as an enrichment. Started by the Crespo Foundation in Vienna in 2006, the scholarship program is now also available in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg and Vorarlberg. START Scholarships Austria has been a non-profit charity since 2013. Funding and donations to the START program are therefore tax deductible.
More information on www.start-stipendium.at

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