An artistic play of color, shape and movement

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An artistic play of color, shape and movement

Galerie Schürmann presents works by Düsseldorf artist Dejan Saric until 7 May. Rotating objects such as the “Doppler, 1” in particular attract the attention of art lovers.

Movement, shape and color characterize the art of Dejan Saric. The concept of him is particularly well expressed in the sound installation “Doppler, 1”, which he developed together with composer Bojan Vuletic. The rotating spherical object attracts attention in the new exhibition in the Schürmann gallery. From Saturday 19 March, the works of the Düsseldorf artist will be exhibited, including paintings, drawings and objects. “The central idea of ​​this sound installation is the perception of color, shape and sound that is modified by movement and their interaction,” Dejan Saric explained at a press conference Thursday.

Incidentally, “Doppler, 1” will be exhibited in Venice this summer, parallel to the Biennale. He doesn’t know exactly why and how the movement got into his art, Saric said with a smile. Which develops intuitively. Born in the former Yugoslavia, Dejan Saric arrived at the Düsseldorf Art Academy on a scholarship in 1998 and remained in his adopted country. At the time, he said, he was concerned with light, among other things. “That too is movement.”

It approaches its color mode just as intuitively. They are mainly the powerful and strong colors that he brings to the canvas or its rotating objects in circular form or in vertical, horizontal and rounded lines. “Each color lives on its surroundings and its neighborhood,” says the Düsseldorf native, describing the process of finding a color and adding: “It’s like a brick to me.” But it is not only movement and color, but also fragments of geometric shapes that attract the attention of the viewer again and again. This combination has an almost hypnotic effect in his rotating objects, many of which can be seen in the Schürmann Gallery. “The effect is created by the fast rotation,” he knows. Saric works very often in series. In Moerser Strasse 252, for example, he shows four pictures out of a series of eight. They are ellipses, which not only juxtapose lines of color in large curves, but sometimes overlap.

The exhibition at the Galerie Schürmann is open until 7 May. Two guided tours are scheduled for Saturday 19 March at 3pm and 6pm. Sunday 20 March is open from 11am to 3pm.

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