Awards and recognitions in February and March 2022

The University of Vienna congratulates the employees and students who have been awarded for their scientific work and achievements. Read an overview of current honors and awards ceremonies here.

Leticia González is a new member of the Gottingen Academy of Sciences

Leticia Gonzalez, head of the research platform Accelerating Photoreaction Discovery and Deputy Director of the Institute of Theoretical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry, who is already an interim member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, was nominated by the German Academy of Sciences in Göttingen to the the beginning of the year Corresponding member of the class of Mathematical and Natural Sciencesand chosen. On the occasion of the award, the Professor of Computational Chemistry of the University of Vienna said: “I am very happy to have now been admitted to the Academy of Sciences in Gottingen. This is the merit of my whole team, to which I am deeply grateful”.

About the winner

Institute of Theoretical Chemistry at the Faculty of Chemistry

Goettingen Academy of Sciences

Lei Zhang has been recognized as a “Rising Star” by the Association for Psychological Sciences

Lei Zhang of the SCAN Unit of the Faculty of Psychology was recognized by the Association for Psychological Science as “Rising star” excellent. The “Rising Star” designation is awarded to excellent early career researchers (three to six years after graduation). Researchers who have drawn attention to themselves through innovative work and who are believed to have great potential for further scientific careers are recognized.

About the winner

Department of Psychology of Cognition, Emotion and Methods at the Faculty of Psychology

Association for Psychological Sciences APS

Núria Miret Roig receives the European Astronomical Society award

of the MERAC Award 2022 for the best doctoral thesis in observational astrophysics goes to Núria Miret Roig of the Institute of Astrophysics. The most important result of his doctoral work is the discovery of a hundred new floating planets (FFPs). This sample is the largest ever discovered and represents an important step in uncovering the origins and characteristics of these mysterious galactic nomads.Núria Miret Roig will deliver a plenary speech at the European Astronomical Society’s Annual Meeting 2022, to be held in June in Valencia. , Spain, takes place. “I hope this award helps encourage young people who are attracted to science, and astronomy in particular, to pursue a scientific career,” says the award winner.

About the winner

Institute of Astrophysics at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy

Merac Foundation

The Academy’s highest award goes to Kristin Tessmar-Raible

For her outstanding research results in the field of molecular chronobiology, neurobiologist Kristin Tessmar-Raible, Department of Microbiology, Immunobiology and Genetics and Max Perutz Labs, receives the Ignaz L. Lieben Award of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW). The professor of chronobiology at the Center for Molecular Biology of the University of Vienna is awarded the oldest prize of the Academy and, with 36,000 dollars (about 32,000 euros), the most gifted prize.

Austrian Academy of Sciences

About Kristin Tessmar-Raible

Department of Microbiology, Immunobiology and Genetics

Paul Watzlawick Ring of Honor 2022 goes to Ruth Wodak

Sociologist of language and researcher of critical discourse Ruth Wodak, am. Distinguished Professor at the University of Lancaster (UK) and retired university professor at the University of Vienna, he is the winner of the Paul Watzlawick 2022 Ring of Honor of the Vienna Medical Association. Wodak became known for her critical discourse analysis and gained international fame for her work on communication in institutions, identity politics, gender studies, political discourse, populism and bias research.

About the winner

Vienna Medical Association

Ruth Wodak’s website

Marie Jahoda Scholarship Program awarded to 11 highly qualified female scientists

With the Marie Jahoda Scholarship Program the University of Vienna supports highly qualified scientists who have interrupted or shortened their academic career due to caring and / or support tasks in the family or in the immediate environment.

The following female scientists will receive this year’s Jahoda grants: Veronika Burz-Tropper (Catholic Theological Faculty), Linda Dezso (Faculty of Economics), Laura Gianvittorio-Hungarian (Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies), Lisa Isola (Faculty of Law), Olga Kepinska (Faculty of Psychology), Sabine Kraushaar (Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy), Nana Naetar-Kerenyi (Center for Molecular Biology), Monica Palmberger (Faculty of Social Sciences), Agnieszka Pasieka (Faculty of Social Sciences), Angela Stöger-Horwath (Faculty of Life Sciences) as well as Sylvia Plöckinger (Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy).

Information on the Marie Jahoda Scholarship Program

Four members of the Faculty of Chemistry invited to the 71st Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting

The four young researchers of the Faculty of Chemistry, Philip Grant, Immo Klose And Iakovos Saridakis (all three from Nuno Maulide’s group at the Institute of Organic Chemistry) e Erika Schaudy (Institute of Inorganic Chemistry) were invited to participate in the prestigious 71st Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting.

Meetings of the Lindau Nobel Prize

Faculty of Chemistry

Anatole von Lilienfeld was awarded the honorary title of “Loewdin Lecturer 2021”.

the Loewdin Lesson is awarded to leading scientists in the field of quantum chemistry to popularize the field of quantum chemistry. Funds for the Loewdin Lectures were donated to Uppsala University in connection with the Fourth International Congress on Quantum Chemistry held in Uppsala in June 1982.

As a leading expert in the development of new methods for the rapid prediction of quantum properties in the space of chemical compounds, Anatole von Lilienfeld contributed to new approaches to machine learning and to the theory of alchemical perturbations.

Anatole von Lilienfeld website

Physics of computational materials

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