Contorion’s scholarship goes to the carpenter trainee

Samuel Oppold won the Contorion Trainee Scholarship. The potential carpenter from Baden-Württemberg receives 3,000 euros from the digital specialist dealer for professional tools and workshop supplies.

“I’m impressed Passion And enthusiasm some young people for her craft“, explains Tobias Tschötsch, Contorion’s founder and CEO. In the end, however, the jury members agreed that Samuel Opold the winner from Scholarship for trainees 2021 is.

“Since he was a child he wanted to build wooden houses. Today, at just 18, he has big plans for the future. Among other things, he wants to promote sustainability in the carpentry sector. In this we want to support his path.” After graduating from high school, Samuel Oppold decided to train as a carpenter. His training company is the timber construction company Taglieber Holzbau in Bavaria.

Apply for over 20 professions

Samuel Oppold, winner of the 2021 Contorion Trainee Scholarship Photo: © private

That Scholarship for trainees Contorion, the digital specialist dealer for professional tools and workshop supplies, already has it advertised for the second time. 185 trainees outside over 20 operations they applied, according to the company.

In September, the four-member jury selected five candidates for the digital final. Next to The winner Samuel Oppold tried Johanna Riggenmann (fourth year piano and chembalo builder) den second place And Lina Maria Goldbach (Luthiers in the third year of apprenticeship) tana third place.

Poor training conditions

“While the trade Shortage of young people and skilled workers complained, they are the training conditions for future artisans and women bad“Contorion says of the questions. Apprentices sometimes accept more than 200km round trip to work or vocational school. They move from their parents’ home to be closer to the workplace and try to finance the • Rent and housing costs due to their low training salary.Operations and work processes are outdated, companies are small and understaffed.

The call for applications for the scholarship for trainees has been renewed

Many trainees wish modern factories And financial independence, so that they can afford tools for their projects in addition to training. “It encourages us to see the difficulties young trainees face in the industry next year That Advertise the apprenticeship scholarship again“, says Contorion CEO Tobias Tschötsch.

Source: Contorion GmbH

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