From Rees to America – Rouenhoff awards a scholarship to the USA

Stefan Rouenhoff and PPP fellow Marvin Gertzen (Photo: constituency office Stefan Rouenhoff)

rees Sixteen-year-old Marvin Gertzen of Rees-Haldern can immerse himself in the “American way of life” for one school year. Klever district, Bundestag CDU member Stefan Rouenhoff selected him as a fellow for the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP). Through the German Bundestag Scholarship Program, Marvin Gertzen will attend an American high school, live with a host family and gain many new experiences. During his one year stay in the USA he will be assisted by the Partnership International eV. Young Reeser is expected to start in the summer of 2021.

Rouenhoff: “The parliamentary sponsorship program makes an important contribution to German-American international understanding. It offers young people an insight into life in the United States. Such cultural exchange is particularly important today, when the political, economic and social differences on both sides of the Atlantic are becoming more recognizable. I am even more pleased that Marvin Gertzen from the Kleve district is going to the United States as a young ambassador ”.

Student Marvin Gertzen shares the expectation with other young people in Germany. A total of 360 students and young professionals across Germany each year receive a full PPP scholarship from the German Bundestag for their stay in the United States. Young people now must hope that the COVID-19 pandemic does not defeat plans, as the implementation of the PPP depends on the pandemic situation: after all, the safety and health of all participants are top priority.

Full scholarships are also awarded in the United States as part of the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program. A total of 350 young Americans will come to Germany for ten months starting in September 2021. The boys between the ages of 15 and 18 will live with volunteer host families in Germany and attend a secondary school at the exchange site.

Rouenhoff also encourages families in the Kleve district to apply as host families: “Welcoming a student from another country is an exciting experience that enriches family life and promotes intercultural exchange.” More information on the host family program is available from the “Partnership International eV” association on the phone number 0221-9139733 or by e-mail:

New applications possible from the beginning of May

From May 3, young people from the Kleve district can apply for a PPP scholarship for the school year 2022/2023. Applications are accepted from students of all types of schools between the ages of 15 and 18.5 and from young professionals up to the age of 24. Further information can be found on the German Bundestag website at:

Parliamentary sponsorship program

The Parliamentary Sponsorship Program (PPP) has existed as a scholarship program of the German Bundestag and the United States Congress since 1983. Each year 360 German and 350 American students are selected as scholarship recipients. The young people live as young ambassadors from their home country for ten months in the other country. They receive a full scholarship for their stay. The PPP thus promotes cultural exchange between Germany and the United States.

EV International Partnership

Partnership International eV is a non-profit and non-profit association for international meetings and exchange programs. The association has 60 years of experience as an exchange organization. Since 1993, Partnership International has supported American and German fellows of the Parliamentary Sponsorship Program and their host families through the Scholarship Program.


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