Gelsenkirchen: City offers free apartment for this condition


Gelsenkirchen: The city offers an apartment without rent, but you have to fulfill one condition

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North Rhine-Westphalia: I bet you didn’t know these 5 facts about our federal state?

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Gelsenkirchen. In Gelsenkirchen you have the possibility of a free apartment for three months this year. However, only if you fulfill a certain expectation and at the same time certain conditions.

Because the apartment will be inside Gelsenkirchen not only made available. You are also offered a rare chance.

Living without rent in Gelsenkirchen? No problem with a scholarship

According to the city of Gelsenkirchen, it has set itself the task of “sustainably strengthening the cultural infrastructure with new impulses and promoting national exchange”.

In collaboration with the Stadterneuerungsgesellschaft (SEG) and the Gelsenwasser Foundation, the city of Gelsenkirchen has been awarding a residency scholarship from 2021 to authors under the age of 40.

For three months you can live in Gelsenkirchen and you should explore it, so to speak, that’s the idea.


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The city should be lived, possibilities and perspectives noted under the focus of “City Spaces – Change and Opportunity”. Exchange should be one of the most important elements of the scholarship stay: the scholar should constantly exchange ideas with the city society and cultural scene during the residency period.

Scholarship in Gelsenkirchen for people under the age of 40

Do you like it? Then apply for the scholarship. You have to meet some requirements.

  • your place of residence must be in Germany
  • do you speak German
  • you are not older than 40
  • you can show one independent publication that has not been self-published or five dependent publications in journals or anthologies

What do you get for it? 1,500 euros per month, a travel allowance of up to 300 euros, a fully furnished apartment in the creative district of Ückendorf and a public transport ticket to Gelsenkirchen.

You can apply >>> here until March 1st.

You can find out all the further information about the application letter and what else awaits you >>> here. (fb)

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